Monday, August 3, 2009

Alex is a Good Frind


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  1. E= END

  2. Gah! Retard!

  3. spelling fail

  4. The words he used don’t even make sense…”Nearly?” I guess Friendship is only NEARLY deathless.

  5. Alx is clarly a rtard and a crtin. Mayb his kyboard is missing a lttr?

  6. how can he misspell friend twice and then spell friendship correctly. what a fucking moron!

  7. what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

  8. Stupd

  9. OMG I was reading and I was like, frind?, wtf is frind? and then I was like “I GOT IT!” and started laughing so hard I was rolling on the floor, so thank you alex for brighten up my day, you are indeed a good and nearly deathless frind (;

  10. um, Alex, sweetheart, death also starts with D, so friendship really truly could end in death.

  11. Oh mon dieu! This made me laugh for 10 minutes straight!

  12. This one was HILARIOUS.

  13. I assume the missing “e” stood for “education”, which is something his definition of friendship would probably benefit from.

  14. Could be a girl, either way, it’s just wrong! I dont think a guy would post this, but then again it is the internet!

  15. This situation rings untrue. However, it could also be a cleverly constructed satire on the state of education in the United States (or insert other corrupt Western regime here). As our economies slowly collapse into the capitalistic implosion that many have predicted, you may notice that one of the first places that funding is cut is in education. Why is that, you may ask? Do we truly leave our children defenseless in the future? Or are we engaging in a case of tough love by providing our descendants with less weapons and hoping that the strong pull out and become even stronger. Apparently, the author of this post disagrees as he shows that cutting funding in education only results in one being labelled as “lame”.

    Obviously, the state of children’s future is in arrested development. This is a brilliant, yet sad commentary.

  16. Fuck off, Mao.

  17. Even if there was an E, it wouldn’t make sense.

  18. Candy Blackmail

    E = emo

  19. this is another fine example of de-evolution

  20. yup, feeling dumber

  21. You’re all just jealous that you don’t have good frinds like him.

  22. Correction, I do have good frinds, TieDyeJedi, but they’re all smarter than Alex.

  23. Chairman Mao you are a fucking idiot…get off your high pony (cos you ain’t riding no horse, you freak).

    Mark, I bet your friends are smarter than Chairman Mao too.

  24. what a fucking idiot, not just for the F.R.I.N.D. but for believing that horse shit!

  25. Happy Frindship Day.

  26. Don’t hate on E dude thats not cool.

  27. @Z: It’s never cool to hate on E, it ruins your whole roll.

  28. @26 & 27 – LMAO 🙂

  29. Frind! Guys, lets be frinds.

  30. Deathless? I don’t know about that one.

  31. I think “deathless” is probably the worst word ever. I had to look it up in the dictionary because I’ve never even heard it used.

  32. you had to look up deathless in the dictionary?? Work it out genius

  33. I still think Mao is fucking with us. Ben your a funny human indeed.

  34. Damn it
    for the grammar nazi
    *you are

    Screw it you pick the one you like.

  35. you’re and you are mean the same thing.

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