Monday, August 3, 2009

Because We’ve All Been There Before?

Because We've All Been There

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  1. Yes, Lauryn, you are a charity case.

  2. I love it when people friend me for “charity”!
    Who HASN’T been there?

  3. this and feeding hungry people on thanksgiving do not belong in the same category…charity work my ass

  4. …or lauryn could delete her myspace. but that’s the nuclear option.

  5. Ugh. Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally hook up with some teenage girl’s husband?

  6. That’s funny…I was going to set up a website with paypal to collect funds so she can spell her name with an “E”

  7. How ’bout Lauryn grow some balls and fight back against these “harassers.” Or ignore them. Or block them.

    I hate Lauryn and Jessica.

  8. What-am-I-doing-here?

    Darn, I would join if I could, but I would be stuck on trying to write something wittier than “Don’t let those girls upset you”.

  9. What’s myspace?

  10. Is Jessica 80? I think only my grandma uses the phrase “in a pickle”. And she definitely wouldn’t use it in this situation.

  11. crap, I can’t find my Myspace password in my blackberry… maybe if I still had my Moto RAZR (*yes I am aware of how 2005 this is, but it doesn’t change the facts)

  12. nope, never been there.

    but i hear the weather’s nice.

  13. I loved writing blogs about stalkers on MS. Oh, good times.

  14. I just like how it’s categorised as a “Festival”.

  15. I almost want to add this girl on my friends list on myspace just to talk shit to her, and then direct her to facebook.

  16. I think we should all show our support and attend this event.
    How can you say no to charity? You can’t.

  17. I love how it’s gone down from 3 confirmed guests to 2. Brilliant.

  18. And one of the confirmed guests is Jessica, so really there’s only one other one…..

  19. Is it Lauryn?

  20. I thought this post was pretty lame until the final note “this is like charity work”. I think this is why people say they don’t want to be a charity case, because some friends will refer to you as just that!

  21. asdf, you rule!

  22. Candy Blackmail

    Lauryn finally wizened up and canceled her MySpace account (because it’s 2005 you know).

  23. Aw, you have all made my day! This is Jessica, and I am 80!…it’s not often that one can get a critique from a bunch of strangers, and this is awsome! You have all picked up on each and every single joke~..”in a pickle”…”charity work”…”leave a nice commnet”….
    Love the, comment about accidentally sleeping with a teenagers husband!
    I’m sorry if this, ahem, “festival” went over most of your heads. Either way, just delightful to see you kids putting your heads together for a good cause!

  24. Cry more you stupid bitch.

  25. Jessica is a stupid whore. Lauryn isn’t far behind.

  26. Candy Blackmail

    Yes children…”festival” is the 2009 buzzword for 1985’s “circle jerk”. Rock out with your sock out, Jessica!

  27. @JW Best comment by far, laughed for 10 minutes. heh…MotoRAZR.

    And that’s totally not THE Jessica, just someone wishing for our comeuppance. LAME!

  28. Rob- who *wishes* for comeuppance? Whatevs- 🙂

  29. marine corps.

  30. #4 c, Still laughing about this comment 10 minutes later.

  31. You know how those marines like to cheat, huh? Go fuck yourself, you dumb bitch.

  32. Marines like to cheat? lolz “marines like to rape women in Okinawa.” would be more accurate. And Im pretty sure rape isnt cheating since only 1 party wants it to happen.

  33. @33

    First, false stereotypes and generalizations do not hold true. Marines do not “like to rape women in Okinawa.” It would benefit you to hold your tongue when you speak of my United States Marine Corps.

    Marines have done more for this country, and the world for that matter(check out the many humanitarian efforts supported by the Marines before you speak up,) than you could possibly ever contribute.

    Also, before the shitstorm of idiots whining about a war that the people fricking cried out for; Marines do not choose when we go to war. We are not the stereotypical war-mongering group you nasty disgusting discipline less civilians tend to portray us as; we do as our Command in Chief directs. We do so with integrity and honor. Those who disgrace the title are kicked to the curb. Any story you hear of a Marine acting improperly, I assure you that the individual referenced is no longer wearing my Marine Corps uniform.

    Save your disgust for the ambition-less generation that spends most of their developmental years destroying brain cells with mindless partying.


    Marines are fags, take your butthurt somewhere else 34 <3

  35. Eat a dick SmileFace. Just because you couldn’t get into the military, let alone the Marine Corps doesn’t mean you get to bad mouth them. What a waste of human life you are.

  36. Um… yes, he or she does get to bad mouth the Marine Corps. It’s called freedom of speech, not freedom of speech that you like to hear.

  37. @ 34 I’m pretty sure that there has been at LEAST one marine who cheated and did other nasty shit while away from home. So you can’t really say that they’re all stand-up guys, can you? And by the way, I’ve known marines who like to get shit faced just like us average people so shut the hell up.

  38. I feel compelled to stand up for my marine boys since I’m marrying one. It’s been my experience (from talking to the men my fiance served with) that’s it’s mostly their women that do the cheating when the boys are overseas. But I still agree with you #38.

  39. What’s are the guys in the Marines going to say Westernbattle, that yes they do cheat? lol Marines or not, some will cheat, some won’t…

  40. @34
    You do not represent the entire Marine Corps. There are cheating Marines, just like there are cheating doctors, pro golfers, and criminal masterminds. Your statement that all Marines are stand-up guys just because they’re in the military is hilarious and false.
    There are people who are Marines because they want to feel powerful, because they want to kill, and because they want to be stronger than other people around them. Not all Marines are like this, but there are plenty of “humanitarian” military men and women who are terrible people.
    Take off your rose-colored glasses and realize that being a Marine does not automatically make you a good person, nor does it make you a hero.

  41. Ok 34.. this is a few months late, but reading that made me angry. THIS is also not the average marine: my daughter’s father was a sargeant. 3 tours, 8 years. He not only cheated on me while he was away while I was home with our 6 month old daughter, he came back, refuses to pay child support, neglects my daughter, and is an all-around piece of sh*t dead-beat-dad who has never had a full-time job or done anything worth bragging about in his life. His only “war story” is getting drunk, going to strip clubs, and getting frost bite in his belly button from keyboard cleaner. Not every veteran is a stand-up brave citizen who should be revered. Some of them are scumbag losers who should be drug out in the street and shot. Just like every other person on the entire PLANET, military or not. Being in the military doesn’t make you a better person, a braver person, a more faithful person. You’re just a person like everyone else.

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