Monday, August 3, 2009

Certain Information My Ass


Certain Information

Where do we start with this bad boy? And when we say “bad” we mean bad. It seems Kyle here is in love with himself and wants to share it with the entire world, in perhaps a vain attempt that the world will, in return, love Kyle as much as Kyle loves Kyle. Let’s say you’re one of Kyle’s buddies and you happen to be a male. How do you respond to such a picture? “Hey Kyle it was cool seeing you at the mall this afternoon…I guess. Nice pic, bro!” Or maybe you’re one of Kyle’s female friends. “What’s up Kyle? Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday…I guess. I sorta, kinda maybe like your photo there. C ya!” How can one not lose every friend they have by posting a nude photograph of themselves for all to see? What makes Kyle today’s Lamester is by far the fact the he decided to go with the always artistic “black and white.” No Kyle, your body’s not a work of art. Keep your shirt on. Please.

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  1. WTH ?!?

  2. well he at least has 4 friends. he probably doesn’t deserve them though

  3. ummmmmm. im sort of suprised that they would let him have this photo.

  4. I sort of wish there was like a click through version where we could have the option to, uh, click through to see the non pixelated version…

  5. hahahaha my best friend found this! she sent it to me, he has more than 4 friends though.

  6. So what is the information that he doesn’t share?

  7. If you can cover your junk with your hand, you shouldn’t bother posting a pic of it online unless you are on…

  8. Oh God!

  9. are those lips covering it? classy…

  10. The most noteworthy thing about this picture is the toilet paper roll. Over or Under? Talk amongst yourselves…

  11. Moula, WTH = waist to hip (circumference ratio) or what the heck? I guess both would work here.

  12. “are those lips covering it? classy…”

    Maybe he wishes he had a vagina.

  13. Wow, this is disgusting.

  14. i agree with Truff! hahahaha !
    guessing from the picture, the information he’s not willing to share is probably even skankier than the picture.

  15. I think he does have a vag, but is attempting to use reverse psychology to make us think otherwise.

  16. oh god i saw dis one on fb before. dey were like numbers around the da lips er sumthing.

  17. He must be really small, cause those lips would be huge compared to an average sized penis.

  18. It’s like a penis but smaller.

  19. Gotta be gay. No hetero man would strike that…pose.

  20. Either he’s in his parents bathroom, or he picked out that tacky tropical fish curtain himself… both are very intriguing scenarios.

  21. loving the juicy thighs and the cocked hip. I want him to be the Robin to my Batman.

  22. He’s got a hot body, I’d do him.

  23. Isn’t he cold?

  24. Those of you who may not interact with others on a regular basis may be surprised to find that the flaccid state of the penis is not indicative of the overall size of the aroused member. In laymans terms you may refer to this by such precocious labels as “shower” and “grower.” In this example, Kyle may appear to be of small stature with no physical stimulation; but as he is turned on by whatever fancy catches his eye, there is an 77% chance that his erect penis will grow enough to fall within the range of 90% of males on the planet.

  25. Gross.

  26. Candy Blackmail

    Having a shot of the crapper in the background is an elegant touch.

  27. what a freaking loser…betcha he gets all the “boys” ….er I mean girls with that photo….

  28. There is also the fact that 67% of all percentages are completely made up.

  29. Is this guy for real

  30. This impressed me so much all I could think was that his trashcan was in need of being emptied.
    Does nothing for me;I feel like a pedo looking at this.

  31. NCA needs to be immediately barred from Facebook. He spelled “loser” right.

  32. Bitch, I got more muscles on my ass than you got on your whole chest, you got the stomach of a 13-year-old girl, put yo damn shirt on. The pants… leave the pants.

  33. Pretty hot to me. I rather see that than you and your shitty kids.

    Please be 18+, please be 18+…

  34. It wasn’t too hard to find this guy’s profile based off some of the info in the screenshot (like, all of about ten seconds).

    Unsurprisingly, he looks like a straight up guido. Which is probably why the picture is in black and white: to disguise his (probable) shade of orange.

  35. naked, black and white pic in front of a toilet!! haha so much class!

  36. Chairman Mao – You’re poisoning the world with your douchery.


  38. I WAS IN THE POOL!!!!!

  39. hahaha lol at their caption. certain information my ass. haha

  40. lol. He has wonky nipples. That is possibly the most fail thing about this pic (nice body otherwise though :P)

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