Friday, April 23, 2010

Sexy Snaps

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  1. Oh, my bad. I thought you mentioned being from a small town once upon a time. But no, that Sydney place is apparently pretty big (4.5 million?).

  2. lol 😐

  3. @Disdain – I’m gonna go ahead and guess that every tattoist does it differently (oh look, accidental innuendo). I thought maybe I forgot but my bf and I have had 3 tattoo artists between us (oh for the love of god) and none of our tatts have looked like that. However, they’ve all looked a bit different so I guess it’s just whatever =)

    However tut tut for missing the bit of ear – I’d like to see the finished product though.

  4. The cougar’s bright, the cougar’s Orange.

  5. In that last one, is that Hugh Hefner with Whitney Houston and Courtney Cox?

  6. ok i really dont get pic #3 that girl isnt even that overweight, so what is so lame about it??

  7. see lamebook, when you can’t amuse malteaser you know something’s wrong…

    And yeah there’s nothing wrong with #3 :/

  8. I feel like on the last one the people might be only taking a picture with her to show people her weird skin colour. You know, like when you see a bizarre looking person and pretend to take a picture of something near then when you’re actually zooming in on them….
    Or am I the only one who does these things?

  9. I totally do that. ^

  10. lol at the first 2
    3rd one, c’mon lamebook, that’s mean.

  11. 4th picture she looks like a muuppet !!
    ew. no bueno. :-/

  12. @WoodfordELF that can easily bee colored green and turned into a leaf.
    @cookies it’s just the fact that she went from playboy to being daddy’s little girl hahaaa!

  13. OMFG! I spotted an alien in the last one.

    See it there?

    In the middle.

  14. Eye heart Hobo.

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