Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another WINSday! (part 1)

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  1. cynicaloptimist

    Tie between Lisa and Holly. And wtf did Claudia say?

  2. David is an idiot – too obvious. He should have resisited the urge to write that.
    I was going to congratulate everyone on this post for having fairly normal names, then I noticed ‘Jeremie’ and ‘Elanna’ who have let the side down.

  3. It’s Jeramie not Jeremie, which is worse.

  4. Jeramie’s name takes away some of the lolz he could have produced.

  5. Oh God, I’m talking like an lolcat now…

  6. Holly is a winner.

  7. Lisa is the real winner here IMHO

  8. This might be a stupid question, but how is it that Claudia’s status was posted ‘Today at 19.18’, yet the comment was posted ‘7 hours ago’? Surely that would make the time 2am, so the comment wouldn’t have been posted today?
    Or do time differences make a difference?

  9. @Claire: FB screws up the time real bad since they ‘updated it’ recently.

  10. good question, I know facebook can be buggy like that sometimes, if I’ve checked something on my iPhone at one stage, it will show up at a different time when I check later on my laptop. Also, it goes through a time warp, where posts from Sunday start appearing on Thursday…amazing…

  11. Lisa and Jeramie FTW! Today March 3th, I knight thee.

  12. damn. *,

  13. Holly is the winner, especially with the “*(n) nick- not noun” there at the end.

  14. Is Claudia lol-ing at the fact she hit a boy with her car?

  15. God.. how lame are u on the comments.. just cause it says today on the persons status doesnt mean that it was posted TODAY on there profile… it could of been from a while ago and submitted to lamebook and then reviewed and then posted on here….. FAIL!!

  16. pahahaha, lisa’s comment ftw!

  17. I don’t think the sugegstion was that it was posted today on *THEIR* profile and I think everyone understands it could *HAVE* been from a while ago. It is the fact that, at 19.18, there are only 4 hours and 42 minutes of the day left, so the comment couldn’t have been posted 7 hours ago and also on the same day.

    I’m not actually that interested in how and why that has happened, but I don’t like people bullying others unjustly. That’s all.

  18. Apparently QueenOfMean has trouble understanding there is only 24 hours in a day. Let this be a lesson kids, think before you type.

  19. I have to agree with gingivitis on this one. QueenofMean is no longer the ruler of her grammar kingdom

  20. Thank you @mofflin, @moxieg, @gingivitis, @ThatGuy05 and @shimbleh, for understanding what I was asking. I don’t particularly care *why* it happened, it just made my brain hurt when I saw it.

    @QueenOfMean Not only can you not differentiate between ‘there’ and ‘their’, you don’t know that there are only 24 hours in a day. Well done. Double fail?!

  21. Wow, the Exam won the first one, and didn’t even have to post

  22. Oh I just understood the first one! At first I thought it was something sex-related because of “anatomy” and “lube” but now I understand! Eleanna did so bad on the exam, she felt like it fucked her in the ass dry! Ya me for stupidity!

  23. lisa, holly, and jeramie’s comments win

  24. Can completely empathize with the first one.I felt that way the whole semester I took Anatomy and Phys.
    That class sucked worse than a $2 whore.

  25. How exactly does one behave antonymously? Does one wear a mask or its opposite?

  26. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @badasscooldude doesn’t your first thought relate to the 2nd in that your 2nd thought is “sex-related”? Or, I’m not following your thought process correctly.. : o |

    @ Umm…Yeah… Anatomy was annoying as hell… Physics was rather interesting I thought…

  27. Lisa=Win

  28. Ah, good ol Anatomy. Took it with Inorganic Chem, worst mistake o my life.

  29. I think Anatomy and Phys.=Physiology? Am I a loser for enjoying this stuff so much? haha.

  30. I wanna be friends with Holly!

  31. Anatomy was easy! Physics was the ass raper.

  32. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Oops.. I meant Physiology.. Thanks Zoned! I was doing Physics homework when I typed that comment.

  33. @MochaMike – I kinda like “antonymously,” though I think she really meant “antithetical.” LOL at wearing an opposite mask 🙂

    go lisa!

  35. lol!

  36. spammers suck

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