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  1. Bang!

  2. SO my guess is that Four Loko is an alcoholic beverage?

    Okay, a photo taken by a parent of their toddler too big to use a pacifier with an open container in the vehicle.

    Got it. Nice.

  3. Don’t even get me started on the pierced ears…

  4. For me as a parent, it’s not the fact that the kid has (I assume) a beer can – though, you’re right Cherry, open container in a car? Classy…. – It’s the fact that she’s sticking her finger into the sharp metal hole… talk about just asking for your kid to slit her finger open :S

    And I agree Stever.. I don’t think it’s right to pierce your kids’ ears before they’re old enough to decide it on their own. And something I’ve always wondered… why is it socially acceptable to pierce a newborn/toddler’s ears, but if I were to, say, pierce my daughter’s lip, that would be child abuse. Not saying I would haha, but what’s the difference??

    K I’m done.

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    Why did Tammy tell us she was having her period?
    At least it explains why she is such a bitch…

  6. Oh come on it’s not like piercing your baby’s ears is some irreversible life style decision, sure once they’re pierced the holes will pretty much stay there forever, but if in the future the kid doesn’t want to wear earrings they won’t. And yes a lip is different than ears, lips bleed, ear lobes are just flesh and almost never bleed when pierced. Ear piercings are socially acceptable, even on babies, it’s just how our society is.

    My mom pierced my ears when I was only a few weeks old, she did it when I was that young because I wouldn’t fuss, where older kids might even if they want them. It’s not a big deal.

  7. Yeah because there are tons of little girls that grow up and hate the fact that they have pierced ears.
    I agree the picture is stupid, but come on, the can doesn’t even look open. And her fingers don’t look shoved down in the can either.

  8. slicingupeyeballs

    yep earlobes are just flesh, unlike the rest of the body.
    way to go, trailer trash…

  9. What I meant was there’s no blood flowing to the earlobes, unlike other parts of the body like the lips or nose. Piercings on the earlobes rarely never bleed.

  10. *Rarely ever bleed.

  11. Hmmm…Christian’s status has me picturing a very odd game of Frogger.

  12. Four Loko is a fleshlight. Just saying.

  13. Four Loko IS an alcoholic beverage Cherry Cola. One that was actually banned because of the harmful affects of the high caffeine content and alcohol mix.

    And, wrong to pierce your babies ears before they can make the decision on their own? It’s not like piercing your ears is some disfiguring procedure. I got my ears pierced when I was young, and I don’t wear earrings, Surprisingly you can’t really tell that I had my ears pierced at one point.

  14. The first one is from Jon Lajoie’s “E=MC Vagina.” Calm down, mom.

  15. Piercing ears and circumcision – let the kids decide!

    (unless you’re Jewish or Muslim).

  16. As far as I know, Four Loko was only officially banned in the state of Washington. The FDA issued a warning to the manufacturers of the drinks. They took the opportunity to simply remove the caffeine from the entire line of drinks, in response to the negative impact.

    At least, that’s my understanding of it all…

  17. Okay, I looked it up. Oklahoma, Michigan, Oregon, and New York all voted on bans. Utah never allowed alcoholic energy drinks.

  18. Judging by the grocery bag next to the toddler, I’m gonna guess that she made a fuss because of the colourful, kid-friendly can so her parent(s) just let her hold it on the car ride home – parents do that kind of shit all the time. I don’t think a baby has the strength, coordination, or intelligence to actually open it – some of you guys are pretty gullible for thinking that the kid is really swigging on a four loko…

  19. Yeah, that kid’s going to grow up a slut for having pierced ears. Damn poor parenting. That’s what happened to my sister and I. My silly mother was simply trying to stop it from being an issue when we were older and wanted it like the older kids. Moron. She’s a bad mom and we’re both sluts.
    Calm the fuck down people, the kid can decide later in life to take them out. If you oppose it when you pop one out feel free to not do it. Talk about a nonfuckingissue.

  20. @Jellica I agree. To the people getting upset about piercing a young girls ears, GET OVER IT. Do what you want to your own kids ears, and stop judging others for what they do.

  21. my baby’s got plugs. it’s my baby i can do what i want. you can’t tell me what to do. it’s my baby. i can do what i want.

  22. im more upset that the kid has a pacifier… wayyyy too old for that

  23. Right, right. Since beating a baby with a bamboo stick probably won’t bleed, lets do that. Fuck babies’ rights’ In fact, fuck all the rights of all the smaller, weaker, younger things that inhabit the earth

  24. wtf, hawkbit. babies’ rights? it’s an ear piercing, for pete’s sake. people always gotta take these things to the extreme N shit when the more important issue is, i would never want to know what kind of porn my dad watches.

  25. Earrings have been accepted into female culture. You don’t have to agree with it but it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you get your new baby girl her birth stone earrings. I pierced my 6 month old’s ears when she was 3 months old..she didn’t cry at all. Kinda looked like “What was that?”

    Earrings aren’t socially unacceptable or looked down upon, especially not for girls. People always comment on her pretty little earrings. I didn’t hurt her, it was a controlled and sanitary environment..and it was no worse than getting her shots. My ears were pierced when I was a few weeks old (laws were more lenient then) and so did my older daughter. Family tradition, I suppose.

    I’ve never heard getting a child’s lip pierced (I’m assuming we’re talking much older than an infant) as having been legislated child abuse, or maybe people just say that it is. If your teenager wants their lip pierced and you’re the type of parent that agrees with it, I don’t see why with your consent they shouldn’t have to. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t see that as being child abuse. To pierce an infant’s lip though? Most certainly. That’s a lot of pain. Kids can get their ears pierced all day, it’s no big deal. They’re more scared of the sound than the actual pierce.

    I agree with whomever said the kid’s fingers doesn’t need to be around the lip of the can!

  26. yeah the pacifier is often a crutch, more so for the parents, IMO. I’ve never given my children pacifiers. I know a little girl the same age as my oldest (4) and her teeth are so jacked up and you can just tell they just formed their shape from the sucking of the pacifier! I felt bad for her, walking around like a baby while my daughter’s reciting the pledge of allegiance.

  27. Haha, I didn’t realize that’s why I gave my daughter a pacifier, but thanks for the heads up!

  28. I’m not saying always, of course. I meant to say I have experienced seeing a lot of parents use the pacifier as a crutch..something they use to get the kid distracted from crying or to comfort them. Then both kid and parent become dependent on them and its hard to wean them off of them.

  29. My ears never seemed to really pierce right. A lot of infections, pain, and general difficulty. I always wished my mother had pierced my ears when I was really young. It just seems like it would have gone better if I grew up with earrings in. As for the four loko can it really doesn’t even look like it’s open, and I’m sure she’s not drinking it so wgaf? The pacifier is horrible, seems about time to take it away. If your kid can talk they don’t need a pacifier. Nothing more annoying than a little kid trying to talk around those things.

  30. its funny that everyone is so concerned about the piercings when even drs say its perfectly fine to get them once theyve had their tetinus shots. the child is holding an alcoholic beverage and the parents just think to take a pic…stupid! the child had a binkie past the age of one, it will ruin the shape of her mouth and teeth. and last which no one noticed, her car seat is next to the door. a child seat should ALWAYS be in the middle of the back seat unless there is a younger child who then takes the priority spot. these parents are idiots and the piercing is the only thing here that is realy of no concern and is just a choice.

  31. It’s a question of taste. It’s not exactly tasteful or classy to pierce a baby’s ears. It’s seen as kind of chavvy here in the UK…. Bad form.

  32. Ok lesson of the day – move car seat to the middle. Wean my (almost) 2 year old daughter off her dummy. Take all photos of her holding a wine bottle while in the trolly off Facebook. I’m a failure – thanks for the parenting tips. On the plus side, no ear piercings!

  33. lol, a Christian wanting pussy. How unheard of.
    #2 can’t be as bad as when we got my dog drunk on beer..
    #3 Password your shit.

  34. A lot of ridiculous comments…

    First of all: Whether or not piercing a child’s ear is child abuse? I don’t know. But to claim that it’s ok to peirce her ears, but NOT to pierce her lip is just silly. They are NO different. Pain is the reason you think one shouldn’t be allowed, but one should? That’s ridiculous.

    My opinion is you should wait until they can choose for themselves, but if do in fact get it done for them I don’t think it should be illegal. Like the people said, it’s reversible, and it’s not really harmful(unless you don’t care for it immediately after piercing).

    Circumcision is far worse than either lip piercing or ear piercing. Some people think that should be illegal as well(and I’m a little on the fence, perhaps leaning towards it being illegal, but then again I always like to err on the side of the government NOT controlling things).

    I suppose the point is: If you think one should be allowed, and another should not, you are really aren’t thinking clearly, and are being contradictory in how you think about each of them. Really, you are probably just appealing to how your own culture views it, rather than any logical or rational reason. It’s pretty funny, considering most people will look at other cultural traditions with disgust because they aren’t their own(for example: Some tribes extending the necks of their young. It can actually be very deadly if you remove the extension, can hardly hold their own head up), but see no problem with their own culture’s strange traditions.

  35. I’m sick of people trying to control other people. It’s none of your business! My wife and I wanted to get our baby’s clitoris pierced. My wife says it hurts a lot as an adult, so we wanted to get it done at two months. Well the piercing shop refused to do it! Bastards! So my wife and I had to try it ourselves, but it didn’t go well so now we have to wait for it to heal and the infection to go away before we try again. This would all be so much easier if the professionals weren’t so damn new-age pc. Ugh!

  36. @Walter Sobchak
    that is fucking disgusting. i sincerely hope you are joking. clitoral piercings can lead to reduced feeling and nerve damage. women wanting to get the piercing done should have an examination to determine whether their clitoris is suitable for that type of piercing, because only a small percentage of the population can get the piercing without damage to the nerves.

    and surely the fact that your daughter contracted an infection and you obviously aren’t trained in any way to carry out the piercing are warning bells that maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t try again?!

    for all you know, you have quite probably already damaged the nerves and limited her feeling in her clitoris. the poor girl is possibly going to grow up without experiencing the pleasure derived from clitoral stimulation.

    ear piercings aren’t a major life choice, but clitoral piercings definitely are. they should be thought through and the positives and negatives should be weighed out, and the risks calculated. most importantly a woman shouldn’t be pressured into it, and definitely shouldnt have the choice taken out of her hands simply because her parents decide that it is a good idea to do it while it won’t hurt her.

  37. Lol @charli17: really? You really think that Walter seriously pierced his own kids clitoris? I mean, I know sarcasm has no font but come on…

  38. Hahahaha seriously that’s brilliant! Thanks for the laugh charli 😀

  39. I remember with some clarity the last time my seventh daughter caught me ‘slopping out’ my man milk over a computer….

    Damn near got her fired from PC World that one.

    I agree with charli17, I don’t see anything wrong with letting babies wear earrings… or suspenders… or peep hole lingerie.

  40. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Charli just made me laugh harder than anything on Lamebook lately. Put the phone down you douche, no need to call child protection services.

  41. just because the pretentious people in this post irritated me so much, i’m now going to go get my baby’s ears pierced just to spite you all. know that her pain is your fault.

  42. I’m against babies with pierced ears simply because it makes them look like they come from trashy families and probably have some ridiculous “unique” name.

  43. charli17 had her clitoris pierced as a child. I understand the bitterness.

  44. Charli. You retard.

  45. Charlie, I don’t appreciate the foul language, but I think I will heed your advice. I had a look at my daughter’s clitoris this morning and it looks like we tore it from the piercing all the way out. But don’t worry, we are soaking paper towels in 2 parts bleach to one part water and molding that around the vagina area to make sure we kill all the germs. Chastity is having a tough time and crying a lot but we have starting to feed her only twice a day so that she has less energy to cry and so she’s been having some good long sleeps!

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