Monday, December 20, 2010

A Profile Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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  1. He seems to be taking it well.

  2. Much better lamebook – love it! Fucking A man. Did you really need to blur out the bum though?

  3. This is the guy whose been tappin his afinaced…

    I <3 teh google.

  4. I would say he has a nice ass if I wasn’t distracted by the burgeoning hotdog pack on the back of his head.

  5. Nice work J1!!!!

  6. Nice investigations! How can someone be having an affair for 5 years and their partner has no idea?

  7. Curly, probably because they were not fiance #1. Chris was the other guy.

  8. Yeah this is EXACTLY what i’d do if i caught my fuck piece cheating on me…. expose myself on the internet, write the offender a stern message and then piss on some ladders.

    Either that or i’d sew her cunt shut using the cuckoo cocks’ intestines as thread.

  9. Wait what? How do you know this? And then should it not be Jamon who gets mad? I’m confused.

  10. petewentzisforlovers21

    im distracted by the butt

  11. He was engaged to a man? Or did he mean fiancee?

  12. Who can blame the fiancee, really? Anger-issues meat head or elegant pastry chef? It’s clearly not a difficult choice.

  13. What no accent mark above the first E? You’re doing pretentiousness all wrong.

  14. I don’t know, Curly, I think I am on to something. Like Stever mentioned, an “elegant pastry chef” is not usually the other guy.

  15. jamon works in a hotel – he takes care of the ladies while the men are in the gym. i doubt any woman could resist smooth talking jamon and his creamy pastries.

  16. He wouldn’t usually be my type, however you guys are right – a smooth creamy filling might get hard to resist.

  17. Creamy pastries-BLECH!! Has anyone here seen Van Wilder? I think I could resist a little.

  18. As a lady, I wouldn’t be faithful to a guy who I’ve been engaged to for 5 years. Thats like a slap in the face. No one who is engaged for 5 years actually gets married. this guy is a joke and deserves what he got

  19. bananzilla- maybe they were together for over 5 years, 5 of which she had been fucking Jamon, but had just recently gotten engaged. And I’m not sure what you’re talking about… people could be engaged for 5 years and get married. Five year engagement to enjoy the rest of your life with a person isn’t that hard. I would still be faithful. You are just a bitch.

  20. Girlskill -> I think bananzilla was just being a bit overdramatic to send a message to men who get engaged then chicken out for years.

    But I really like the attitude 🙂

  21. Is it only me who thinks Chris is wanking?

  22. slicingupeyeballs

    Not now hoshy, no.
    Now we all think he is having a quick one off the wrist, while also getting back at his cheating bitch ex.

    And women say blokes can’t multitask…

  23. 5 year engagement = dragging your feet on a much needed break up. That, and couples with child who get engaged after the baby is born. You know the guy was pressured into it. Its not going to happen.

  24. @bananzilla: Just because she’s been cheating for 5 years doesn’t mean they’ve been engaged 5 years.

  25. It says “fiance”, not “fiancee”, so it’s a man he’s talking about, not a woman.

    And if the man he is engaged to has been cheating on him for five years, his problem isn’t with the guy he’s cheating with.

  26. Spent too much time doing gluts in the gym and not enough learning how to spell I think

  27. I like Jamon..

  28. @bananzilla You’re a cheating whore bitch, pathetic excuse for a woman with no patience. (just based on what you said, mind you.) 😀

    That being said, I agree that he deserves it, but only because, how can he not have known about five years of cheating? There had to have been at least a few slip ups by her.

    Sort of nice ass, and as far as his “pack of hot dogs” head, I noticed that most guys that are average weight like him, have that when they tilt their head back. It’s normal, apparently.

  29. Hawkbit > It’s spelt glutes, maybe you should spend less time trying to be funny, and more time learning to spell?

  30. @bananzilla

    The fact that you would cheat during a relationship at all shows that you are in fact a stupid slutty whore bitch, just like a few posters have said.

    If you really think you should break up with someone, then break up with them, THEN fuck whoever you want. To do it while in a committed relationship is just to be a horrible person, no matter what the circumstances are.

  31. @bababzilla I was engaged for 4 years. Is that acceptable?

  32. Jesus Christ. It would help if I could spell your name.

  33. You know, there comes a point in every person’s life when he or she has to stand up and take control of, or possibly rectify, things their parents may have fucked up.

    For christ’s sake, when are you going to change your name, Ham?

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