Thursday, February 3, 2011

Racy Matters

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  1. Fuck you, Stever.

  2. Why do people think it’s ok to openly make fun of Asian-Americans? They’re not white, so stop treating them like they are!

  3. I love Catalina … the one from My Name Is Earl, though …not the dip shit in this post.

  4. That Catalina is hot, mass.

  5. Can’t you dry darks and lights together? I thought you just couldn’t wash them together.

  6. Uh, yeah. I’ve never once separated lights and darks in the dryer and never had any issues. I’m assuming they probably read it as ‘washer’ or just wanted to see if they could get the joke by without anyone noticing.

  7. Poor sod’s name is Meme.

  8. Mister Evil Breakfast

    Lucky Meme didn’t enter the spelling bee. I before E except after C (except when it’s not).

  9. anders, why do you automatically assume that someone called meme is a low-income individual who partakes in anal intercourse?

  10. because people called vincent are fags

  11. Meme your braindead, halfwit niece came in 7th place because she is thick as fuck the docile little bitch, not because she’s not Asian.

    That’s like me saying my window licking 9th son isn’t a NASA rocket scientist because he’s not Aborigine… I think.

  12. I’ve abolutely nothing to say about the post. Welcome back Imamofo!! Good to see you 🙂

  13. curly Thanking you! Remember though if you can see me you’re not running quick enough….

  14. bjonca is Wallace.

    Sorry, had to, vincent.

  15. Is anyone else mocking the Scots? I mean come on, listening to Rod Stewart having a bottle of Scotch? You must be kidding me. If I believed they were the greatest nation on Earth I wouldn’t have watched Trainspotting in the first place. Wankers. Who gives a damn about Asians??

  16. Just thought I would throw a ‘Frodo’ out there, been a while.

    Welcome back mofo you perverted motherfucker, Bessy missed you.

  17. i’m probably being a wallace or a frodo here, but i’ve always wondered: what exactly is a frodo and a wallace, and what are they referring to?

    i’m guessing they’re previous commenters who were easily trolled. sorry for being such a noob, feel free to dole out the appropriate violent sexual punishment.

  18. Paranoid Good to be back old bean! Bessy bleats that about all the boys, the sheepy little slut. She still sporting that sexy eighties perm?

    sandcat There is a whole section devoted to Asians on all good websites, so somebody must be interested in them… personally I always click the Rancid Fetish section but hey ho, horses for courses I suppose?

  19. A Wallace states the obvious.

    Fuck Frodo.

  20. word I’d fuck Frodo, I’ve heard he’s got a tight ring.

    vincent Bend over noob!… ‘Hey Guys, bring in the horse and the mango, he’s ready!’

  21. ‘Frodo’ was when lamebook was at its zenith, a truly momentous post and comments section, the debate still rages to this day as to whether he possessed a pool or not.

    You could apply the ‘Wallace’ rule to the above explanation.

    @mofo – Bessy is still rocking the Kevin Keegan look.

  22. i remember the frodo post from my lurking days, i just never understood why it became a cliquey in-joke to be uttered in any given context. does it give you a sense of belonging in an otherwise cold and alienating world?

  23. More than you could ever imagine vincent, without lamebook and it’s cliquey in-jokes, I am naught but an empty vessel.

  24. Paranoid Keep flirting with him like that and you won’t be empty for long methinks….

    vincent I can’t imagine you lurking, did you dress in dark clothes, wear a balaclava and use a tazer? Or were you one of these new-age, high-visibility politically correct lurkers?

  25. my people are used to subterfuge, mofo. i’m very adept at blending in with the crowd; like you, i spent many years suppressing my deepest and darkest urges. i finally shed my cocoon and announced to the world my desire to have sex with men. it came as something of a surprise to the other guests at my 11th birthday party, but the local parish community were all very supportive and i haven’t looked back since.

  26. vincent You sound like a beautiful,blossoming, bottom loving butterfly, I’m a bit jealous to be honest, I myself could never tie myself down to just one gender,…or species for that matter.

    I’ve heard that the parish communities can be very supportive and the local priests even more so.

    I don’t believe that you’ve never looked back… not even once over your shoulder to see what face he’s making?!

  27. Mofo! So glad you won them over. Bet you charmed the pants off them, as always

  28. wandr Yeah we had lively debates, tense negotiations and strained stand-offs on ethics and morals… invective Vs tirades, they wanted me to compromise myself, I was demanding weekly toe jobs…. a true Mexican stand off.

    In the end I settled for dognapping their Bichon Frise ‘Snoodles’ and threatening to post it back to them in compact little easy to eat pieces. Eventually they pussied out and let me back on.

    *Disclaimer: No actual puppies were hurt in the making of this blackmail.. Snoodles was returned unharmed…except for a wild look in his eyes and an intense fear of men in gimp suits.. I had to wear the suit I didn’t want him to recognise me.

  29. Vincent, are you “victorious” and/or “conquering?” :\

  30. I am doing this instead of “writing a detective’s paper”

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