Thursday, August 22, 2013

The State of States

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  1. Yay old lesbians!

  2. Because shopping at Walmart isn’t terrifying enough.

  3. I see this in small towns a lot, yet you darn city folk act like it’s a big deal.

  4. Actually a surprising number of states allow unloaded open carry and a few even allow loaded open carry. The main thing to beware of is city and county ordinances that disallow open carry and your distance to a federal building or school. Remember kids guns are inanimate objects and incapable of violence on their own.

  5. @Friendzone, I dunno, when I’m distracted and trying to do more than two things at once, inanimate objects have a tendency to leap out in front of me and cause me bodily harm.

    *You* may call it sheer clumsiness on my part, but I think they’re all out to get me.

  6. @Friendzone: Yet, when a kid isn’t ready for a certain toy, we take away the toy, not the kid. Same should go for a community which isn’t ready for firearms. I wish we could take away the community, but we can’t, so we take away the toy until they learn how to use it properly. Simple…

  7. Wait, what? Comparing a gun to a toy? Yeah, that makes sense. After I rob a store with a lego I’m taking everyone out for drinks. Hold your breath until I get back.

  8. I’d never noticed Gloria Hunnifords’ tits before.

    Nice milk bags Gloria!

  9. @7 You are trolling, right? Shade’s analogy made perfect sense to me.

    Besides, there are indeed a lot of stupid people around, who treat guns the same way a kid treats a toy. Just a couple of hours away from where I live, a 5 year old boy killed his baby sister with a rifle his parents gave him for his birthday. I know this is an extreme case, but killing anyone is always an extreme case.

  10. How about an actual analogous example. More people die each year from drinking and driving than guns, but no one’s calling for car control laws or alcohol control laws, we simply run ads to tell people to behave responsibly and jail those who break the law anyway. Why should we treat guns any different?

  11. Actually more people in the US die from guns than drink drinking. Total firearm deaths in 2012 31,687, total motor vehicle traffic deaths 33,687 but only about 40% would have been alcohol related.

  12. And there are laws controlling who can drive a car, what about having a license to own a gun.. Now there’s a good idea!

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  14. @10 You sir, are an idiot.

  15. #6 Well that was a staggeringly stupid piece of logic. Sadly your whole point is predicated on gun violence being rather common. Which is categorically untrue. The number of gun related violent incidents is down and has been steadily declining. This includes frenzy shootings in schools and in public. You’re welcome to look to the crime statistics the FBI publishes on that. Sadly the media is subscribing more to “if it bleeds it leads” than “lets give a fair and balanced perspective on the facts”. Guns have much less to do with violent crime than mental health issues and education issues.

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