Friday, July 29, 2011

Sensitive Subjects

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  1. Mayonnaise

  2. …on french fries.

  3. Buttered Toast? ok ok, the Mexican one was border-line funny. The census one was annoying. Stop whining and shut up, I’m pretty sure your minimum wage job isn’t supporting anyone. Oh, you can’t get a better job, go to college and get some credentials. Until then, stfu. Religion meh.. Yay Cupcakes!

  4. I liked #3, the rest sucked

  5. I think the reason the census sent it back is because his numbers were a little off. I believe it’s 14 million illegal immagrants and he forgot to include all of the millions of illegal “anchor babies.” Revise and resend.

  6. Illeggal immigrants don’t depend on any form of government for food or money. They pay taxes, work, but will never receive money from their taxes, they don’t receive food stamps, welfare, disability, etc. So, how are they dependents?

  7. @moni1020…where the hell do you live? cause i would love to put my head in the sand you are currently residing in or is your ass comfortable enough? I know SEVERAL illegal immigrants that have false names and documents that allow them to get food stamps and all kinds of state aide (*my ex husband is in a relationship with one and if you call to report them you have to have at least proof of 20 or more people before they will do anything! THEN they are put on a waiting list until they can get to them)…are you serious? you must be 12 years old or really IGNORANT to the fact that when they cross they border they have NOTHING…they hook up with people that have stolen identities of living or dead people and continue to use that until they get busted…then guess what…they either move or get deported and start all over again…just remember NO ONE KNOWS HOW STUPID YOUR ARE UNTIL YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH (OR USE THE KEYBOARD) TO PROVE IT….moron!

  8. @ntepup77

    … Well said.


  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ntepup77, that doesn’t sound biased at all.

  11. I live on southern California. I know plenty of illegal immigrants. My experiences with illegals have obviously just been different. Every illegal that I personally know is using a social security number of a deceased person, and the deceased can’t collect government aid. I have yet to meet an illegal using a living persons social, but if they are thats a different legal matter. Most illegals, that I’ve met, live in fear of getting deported, so they stay away from government as much as possible. Once again, these are MY experiences with illegals, which obviously differ from yours.

  12. Moni1020 – Don’t you know? If someone starts ranting on the internet, that means they are an expert on the topic. And they know everything there is to know about the topic. They learned it all from Fox News, Wikipedia and/or the Urban Dictionary and you can’t argue with those things. You shouldn’t reply, because obviously there’s nothing you can add to conversation, because they have a far better understanding of it than you ever could. “just remember NO ONE KNOWS HOW STUPID YOUR ARE UNTIL YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH (OR USE THE KEYBOARD) TO PROVE IT….moron!”

    Words of wisdom to live by.

  13. peeinginmypantslaughing

    siobhan327 is absolutely right. ntepup77 knows SEVERAL illegal immigrants including her exhusband’s new lady (whom she’s apparently run into a snag so rightly trying to report her for such fraud). Bravo to ntepup77 on your master detective skills btw since you were able to obtain all the info on these ppl’s immigration statuses and gov’t benefits. She should definitely start a campaign against all these illegals. Why would they dare come to this country and leave behind such obviously rich wonderful lives?

  14. peeinginmypantslaughing

    I’d be really interested to also know ntepup77’s opinion on the “42 million” unemployed dependents Pete also claimed. I’m sure that’s just as intelligent because we all know that in this economy there is no reason for anyone to be unemployed. Ntepup77 may not be concern though being that is not who her ex has taken up with at this time.

  15. Okay…I live in Iowa…i don’t watch Fox News…Wikipedia not something I use to understand ANYTHING. What I want is for the government to figure out this illegal immigration mess and to get on with it. You really want my opinion here it is…like it or not.Lets take these politicians and tell them they can only make $35,000 a year, and have to pay their own health care, and have no access to a 401k fund, and when they retire they will no longer get paid or have any access to health care benefits unless they pay for some seriously over priced plans out of their own pocket…time to humble some of these “too big for their britches” policy makers..being poor isn’t a disease…its a condition…and the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting the masses from the south invade our country practically unchecked and claim any and all benefits that there are…and the oil companies are running around in their yachts with their million dollar bonuses in their pockets while most of us are having a hard time just affording getting to work. Bring the oil companies down to realistic level, do something about the illegal immigration in this country, and cut back all politicians pay….then we will see where the country is the last year I have had to rely on food stamps and Medicaid to make it by when the gas prices went sky high. It was either that or my family starved. Do you think that I enjoy being on assistance? No I don’t. But I tell you what it was there and I was/am damn grateful it was. My definition of insanity….Paying $3.50+ for one gallon of gas because the “price of oil is so high”. When the oil companies haven’t had to start pinching pennies, taken one less trip in their most recent yacht, and cut down their bonuses….these companies run unchecked…oh oil went up $10 a barrel? Oh okay…we better pay it then….THAT is my definition of insanity! I am sorry all of these other countries are having problems but it is about damn time we started worrying about the ones we have at home first. People are starving and living in OUR streets. Were are the “food drops” for them? People are getting kicked out of their homes because banks didn’t do what they were supposed to and the housing market collapsed. I don’t see “tent cities” set up for them! FEMA gave out to much money? Better take it back from everyone to make up for it…The country is slowly failing. No one cares to stop it as long as the politicians can fight over gay marriage and abortion. Sure lets ship some more jobs overseas because obviously no one here at home needs more work…You wanted my opinion now you have it..bring on the trolls…

  16. And as for my “ex’s new lady” she has been in the country for 10 years and changed her name twice. She has been convicted of child endangerment of her son..and mine when he was there on a visit. She is still in this country and still has custody of her son. She is on food stamps/medicaid/ WIC…speaking NO english (STILL) and can still get all the benefits she seeks. How she gets around this…go figure. Want to know why i go into a rant? that is why. This woman has made my children’s lives difficult to even be around their father..walk an hour in my shoes..then you can taunt and troll all you wish.

  17. pepelongstocking

    @ntepup77, I figured out where you were coming from when you said you live in Iowa.

  18. @ntepup77

    I lived in a city mostly populated by immigrants, most of the illegal, Ican tell you that the mayority of them are sibncere people looking for a better life for thewir families.

    Just so you know its only a small percentage of them who work with fake SSN, they actually work cleaning toilets in construction, getting underpaid, working over hours and getting no benefits for the future, just to get food on the table for their familys.

    All the ilegals i Know paid taxes through a TIN, a number provided by the gov. so people with no SSN can pay taxes, they get NO MONEY BACK, AND ZERO BENEFITS from this, but they still pay because their thankful.

  19. PS. “ANCHOR BABIES” having a baby in the US does not help them at all, quite the contrary if they do get deported, the goverment seperates them form their children, puts them in the system ad foster homes, and they have to wait until they are 21 so they can petition the gov. to give visas to their parents

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