Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fast Food Nation

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  1. Haha and a Montana I believe is some huge sandwich you can get from said fast food restaraunt Arby’s.
    Hannah Montana is a kids TV show that used to be really popular about a girl who is a ‘singing superstar’ who doubles as a ‘normal’ teen. Now the star of the show is an actual 18 year old ‘performer/singer’. She’s also an idiot who keeps doing stupid shit and will probably end up similar to Lindsay Lohan.

    *sigh* that took longer than I thought. But there’s your answer! No relation.

  2. Thanks Wallace

  3. Oh, the pretentiousness! If only I could give umbrage in some fashion; by rudely inserting my uncouth yet spectacularly resplendent vernacular into this technologically induced extravaganza of scintillating converse!

  4. lollll i got invited to that S’More You Know event. glad people from my school appreciate lamebook as well 🙂

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