Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Wet Blanket… with Sleeves



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  1. first

  2. hehehehehe x

  3. what’s a snuggie?

  4. @ LiamSutty…seriously? HAHA! It’s in the title… 🙂

  5. Suddenly, I don’t feel so ashamed anymore of the time I rocked up at the bar in my birthday suit.

  6. @ LiamSutty – i think they are those weird blanket/poncho things with a hole for your head… we have them this side of the world too, and they are called “Blankies” :/

  7. HA HA HA HA. Excellent, both made me nearly fall out of my chair in laughter, hilarious!

    @LiamSutty- they are blankets with arms sewed intot hem so you can lay down and read a book or play a video game…

    @antarctican – you should still feel ashamed LOL.

  8. @Antarctican: I loled

  9. I hope the guy in the picture is Andrew.

  10. I sent these pictures around to some friends in the office and this is an actual reply I got ..

    “My biggest problem with the snuggie = you gotta take them off to pee. Seriously, get up from underneath a blanket, or undress the snuggie, I’m a lazy man, that’s valuable peeing time”

    it made me LOL.. so had to share.

  11. I cannot work a blanket, I need something more stylish, that I can wear to bars and stuff.

  12. as if people ACTUALLY wear blankets?!

  13. I don’t understand the deal with Snuggies. Why can’t people just put on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt? And FUCK those commercials. Raising the goddamn roof like it was 1996 n shit. I mean come on.

  14. This is fantastic. Second one was awesome; pure mental imagery going on there. 😉

  15. I’m with Dana on this one.

  16. Dana was right to dump Andrew. It was only a matter of time before she caught him under that Snuggie getting cornholed by some other dude.

  17. in all fairness she should have shed his sorry ass when he started buying candles ‘just to have around’ and replaced nachos with crudités on game night.

  18. There was a picture of a whole family posing in them, not so long ago, on Lamebook. They called them Slankets. Yuk!

  19. All of you who keep busting on the Snuggie just don’t understand.

    @misanthropic4u: As a female, I don’t have to remove the Snuggie to pee. Win win for me!

  20. NEWSFLASH: Snuggie = Backwards Bathrobe

    Just buy a cheap fluffy bathrobe and walk into it. Voila, you’re wearing a Snuggie.

  21. Ahh yeah I’ve seen them before over here. I thought mainly girls used them though for reading on the couch!? I didn’t think they were intended for outdoorwear. Now all becomes clearer, my eyesight isn’t the best so I couldn’t make out the picture! At least he’ll be warm if he can’t get back in!

  22. LOOOOOL I love how the two status update inter-connect with each other…man this deserves a movie scene for sure LOL

  23. I think the biggest fault of the snuggie are the tacky blue and burgundy colours and thick polar fleece material… Nice concept, though they would be far more appealing in silk or cotton prints… just a thought.

  24. OMG, too funny. Dude in the snuggie probably got into an argument with GF who then locked his ass out of the building. Way to ruin his tough guy image.

    Boyfriend revenge: SUCCEED!

  25. Not even Brad Pitt would look good in a snuggie

  26. hahaha Andrew is a weiner

  27. @gingerspecs – There are Snuggies, and there are Slankets. Capitalism at it’s best.

  28. Is wearing a Snuggie the new Twilight? Pretty much everyone who reads/wears it loves the fuck out of it, and everyone else hates the first lot.

  29. The primary purpose of the Snuggie is as a functional blanket for when you’re sitting on the couch or armchair and need comfortable arm access for reading, remote control, etc. Women (more so than men) like to cocoon and snuggle under a blanket that way regardless of what they’re wearing.

    A Snuggie is not the same thing as a backwards bathrobe. Though the concept is similar for illustrative purposes, they are tailored differently.

  30. @ tamika

    Furthermore, I’m sure there’s a market for a Snuggie made out of ShamWow material…then people wouldn’t even need to get their lazy asses off the couch and to the toilet.

  31. @Storblington – Thanks for being a fucking tool and stealing a Bill Maher bit. FAIL.

  32. @ cmfic36 – yep, you got me. I mean come on, it’s totally inconcievable that I wouldn’t have seen this “Bill Maher bit” of which you speak, ergo I must have stolen it.

    You’d think that I would have read the entire internet at least 4 times by now, wouldn’t you…?

  33. @ Storblington

  34. cmfic36- Over reaction fAIL…

  35. its confession time…
    on this side of the pond, a snuggie is also called a onesie/baby grow- an artical of clothing usually worn by those aged 0-18 months.
    a few years ago i saw an adult onesie, and fell madly i love. it even had the crutch flap with poppers for easy peeing.

    I mean come one, an adult babygrow? thats just awesome!

  36. I take it back, I just googled snuggies (thinking *ahem* that i might be able to buy one *ahem* AND ITS NOT THE SAME!

    my heart broke a little. really.

  37. I googled them too! AND MAN I want one!!! LOL!

  38. Omg wearing a snuggie to the bar gave me a serious case of the giggles… I want to do it as a social experiment :p

  39. Actually, Snuggie Night at a bar could be a good idea.

    Monday night, 1/2 off drinks for people wearing a Snuggie. Free drinks for women wearing nothing under said Snuggie.

  40. omg!this totally reminds me of the “wtf blanket”…
    its hilarious!
    its a parody of snuggies 🙂 you guys should watch it.

  41. That’s a nice apartment complex.

  42. worst_episode_ever

    haha @RandomlyRuby i was going to post the same link… k well i will anyway just cuz. fucken snuggies..

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