Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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  1. Even half-drunk it’s nowhere near funny. Fuck!

  2. Keep drinking, wandr .. not that this post will get ‘funnier’. I just recommend it.

  3. Two and a half men is a grossly overrated and unfunny, yet bafflingly popular sitcom which should have been trashed ages ago. Its name isn’t even properly punctuated; it should be “two-and-a-half men” because the whole “two-and-a-half” modifies the noun that follows. It uses lame jokes and is so outdated that it even uses a laughter track to remind the audience when something is meant to be funny (though it rarely is).

    Don’t mourn its passing; instead, indulge in some quality British comedy from the last few years to see how it should be done. I particularly recommend Green Wing, The Office, The Thick of It, The Mighty Boosh, Outnumbered, and the Armando Iannucci Shows.

  4. I should correct my own punctuation too: no comma is needed after “unfunny”.

    Before anyone says it: yes, I am fun at parties.

  5. Are we supposed to be laughing at or with Karen? I vote for at, horrid joke.

    @snip: Green wing is an awesome show btw, other than the office I haven’t seen the others. The US version of the office needs to be put to pasture.

  6. Who are the five people who liked Karen’s status?

  7. I watched a single episode of that 2,1/2 men crap a couple years ago and have been expecting it’s cancellation ever since. How it held on for so long, and firefly got cancelled after one season is beyond me.

  8. Had to sign up to add to Snip’s great list of British comedy. I would also highly recommend The Inbetweeners, Shameless, Skins and Spaced. British comedy is so much better than the Seppo stuff that dominates television where I live.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    What kind of parties? Punctuation parties?

    I liked this show when the kid was younger. I haven’t watched it in a long time. I have never liked Charlie Sheen.

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    The mysteries of the world jayne (I’m guessing that’s where your name comes from)

  11. @Comments: Halfway, he is my favorite character but my name is also Jayne.

  12. My real name is Jane Jathaway … ironic.

  13. Mass, I recently came into quite a bit of money and was hoping you would be my banker, but maybe you’ve had just one too many J’s in your time. I know the H gets a bad rap, but I need someone who can diversify.

  14. Other great British Comedies include:

    Last of the Summer Wine.
    Goodnight Sweetheart.
    Band of Gold.
    My Hero.

  15. Thanks Soup.. Yeah, fuck I meant Hathaway.

  16. I second the mention of Green Wing, TTOI, The Office etc, and since everyone else is doing, some more awesome British shows: Peep Show, Spaced and Black Books.

    I genuinely had to strain to think of examples then, and that kind of depressed me. Modern British comedy largely sucks. So I shall shamelessly plug Party Down and anything by Chris Lilley.

  17. I created an account for the sole purpose voicing my annoyance at Abbey for her misuse of “ironic.” What happened in the described context is not irony; in fact, it is the exact opposite of irony. My day is now ruined. Damn Abbey.

  18. Abbey is stupid. It’s a coincidence, not ironic.

  19. We must protect our language from the rapidly increasing population of people like Abbey!

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