Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eat Fresh

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  1. aha! I get it! He wanted a cockmeat sandwich right?

  2. This right here is what we call a ‘non-story’.

  3. no foot long vs six incher jokes?

  4. ^fuck off.

  5. Yawn.

  6. Stomabeutel v1.2 SP2

    My cat just coughed up a huge hairball.

  7. MsAnneThrope is an old, retired English teacher who has Lamebook as her startup page and every bookmark.

  8. ^ And here we go again…
    Someone got butthurt way too much by MsAnne, and now they’re going to start trolling every post with comments meant to incite insults from her.
    Well, at least it’ll be entertaining. Teeko, anyone? Maybe Herp??

  9. Haven’t been here much lately. But just out of curiosity, has itzmurda ever written something worth reading? He/she sounds like bad breath.

  10. ^ No.

  11. oh please MsMuddy can’t I stay and hang with the cool kids? I’ll earn my place by your side and feel so proud, you’ll see. Hell I’ll even slurp your butt like Nails if it means your ever gracious and satisfying acceptance

  12. Gay people, this is why we in general are taking so long to become comfortable with the idea of homosexuality.
    You are free to express yourself and your desires, but whenever you do it’s just the equivalent to that hairy beer-belly redneck sitting outside the store with his buddies, making pervy dirty overly-sexual remarks at every teenage girl that passes.

    It’s not cute, it’s not quirky, and it doesn’t do anything to fight the negative stereotypes that “all homosexuals think about is cock/ass”.
    I’m sorry but it’s true.

  13. what the?

  14. @12 Welcome. You are now King of the Idiots. You have out idioted all the competion in just one post. Congratulations.

  15. @12 What is this ‘we’ business. If you want to state your bullshit opinion, fine. but don’t you dare speak for me or the general population you uneducated, homophobic twatburger.

    The reason you’re so uncomfortable with openly gay people is because your scared fucking stiff of anything that’s a little bit different. You’re a fucking bullshit, pissweak coward.
    Grow up.

  16. I think Rata was posting in support of homosexuality… I think

  17. ^you shouldn’t think. you’re shit at it.

  18. yep no doubt about that. Thank you for saying so though Ms. After all I’ve said about you it really touches that you think that and are willing to come out and express it.

  19. @15 is a fag

  20. ^Grow up.

  21. yes berk, after all you’ve said.
    because you don’t shut up, really, do you?

    obsessed with me much, dear?

  22. No I don’t shut up, can we assume this has been established now?

    The thing I like about your hypocrisy is it knows no bounds. Curiously my ‘obsession’ always seems to start with me posting about something unrelated to you. I must have some power that makes you post so that I can fulfill my obsession

  23. ^too much thought went into that sloppy pile of crap.
    f minus.

  24. @15 Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! *burnt to ashes*

  25. if you honestly think that took any thought then it’s a sad world you live in

  26. Gay rape. With extra olives.

  27. don’t disown it now, you fucking posted it.

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