Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shut Down

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  1. Josh is jealous because he didn’t get any and he tried so hard.

  2. What it doesn’t mention is that Josh is the school counsellor.

  3. ^yeah. and she didn’t know the test results yet.
    josh isn’t very tactful.

  4. Like I did not see that joke cumming.

  5. Fake.

  6. Hawky, I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed watching!

  7. ^ Who doesn’t like to watch?

  8. Beatus, why would you assume he’s jealous? Why would anyone be jealous of getting tied down with some dumb kid at 15?

  9. Beatus, how could anyone not understand you were making a joke?
    You should totally start your own ‘Ask Beatus’ column.

  10. necrophiliac64258

    Lamebook is shit without stever

  11. fuck yeah. lets just make this an ‘ask beatus’ column – by asking beatus about some shit…

    hey beatus – do you think the indolence and inertia of modern youth is due in part to a severe, rebellious backlash against staid societal norms – like we have observed in all counter-cultural youth movements, ever since they invented youth. Hell – since Plato voiced his fears for the next generation…or are they just spoiled little scrotes?

  12. I go with spoiled little scrotes.

  13. hey beatus, what does your name stand for? beat us, mong us? What does it all mean!?!?

  14. MsAnneThrope, if you put as much effort into real life as you do LB posts, you would actually have a life.

  15. I’ve said it before, it’s an ancient Roman name that means, “He who was chased around the house by his older brother with a vacuum.”

  16. Awesomesaurus, “getting some” doesn’t necessarily mean getting a girl pregnant. You see, they have these things these days called “contraceptives” that allow people to have sex without getting pregnant. Of course, they don’t always work, but for the most part, if used properly, they work very well.

    However, I doubt Josh even got so much as a kiss after sending flowers, candy, cards, and even a puppy to the girl’s house. His attack was steaming with jealousy. If he didn’t have feelings for her, he probably wouldn’t have said anything.

  17. @11 Yikes. My first question was going to be is it safe to use vinegar on linen to get out a mustard stain?

  18. itzmurda, I’m going to tell you something that’s going to blow your fucking mind. Some people have figured this life out so that they actually have a career of their own making and don’t have some mouth-breather telling them when they can take personal breaks. Some people, because they figured out said career, don’t sit in mind-numbing commuter traffic for three hours a day, and finally it doesn’t take some people nine hours to scan a few pages of text and then come up with something witty and or interesting to post. And that’s how some people can spend twenty minutes a day commenting on the fucking dumbasses of lamebook.
    Please pass this on to all the other turdlings who keep making the same fucking comment. And the first one to write tl;dr is a lying sack of poo.

  19. The second person who writes tl;dr wins a tea set complete with cozies.

  20. Hmm…

    Do I get the teat set since I wrote it twice?? Please say yes!

  21. tl;dr.

    My daughter will love that.

  22. Evilcow, whaddaya say? Can Nails have your teat set?

  23. ^ Good god, no! What the fuck is wrong with you? Evil fucker. The bitch got the scabies, man!
    By the way, I actually read it. I just wanted the free shit.

  24. man, that bitch MaAnneThrope doesn’t have a life. she, like comments on every post sometimes. that’s not what the internet is for!

  25. MaAnneThrope? Is she your Mum?

  26. yeah. and the cunt is crap at proof-reading.

  27. Dirty little slut. Fuck off and die, take your baby with you. Trash.

  28. Bwuahaha. Awesome burn! Well said.

    Ps. This argument between ALL you regulars is incredibly ridiculous. This is the kind of ratchetness lamebook is making fun of. It sounds like you’re all adults acting like children. Don’t get me wrong; friendly banter is awesome, but you are at each other’s neck EVERY SINGLE POST I have viewed. @msAnneThorpe @itzmurder @beatus and all the rest are ALL guilty of this ridiculousness.

    @Noobsauce ur post are always those wrap up, one liners. You’re exempt and I salute you. Lmaoooooo

  29. What the fuck? You salute Noobsauce of all commenters? And you think the OP had an awesome “burn”?

    You’re retarded, aren’t you?

  30. hah! I got fucking told right off! awesome.
    That’s what it was, wasn’t it? A thorough bollocking? A massively strident hissycunt rant?

    Calm your fucking tits, girl. I mean, I’m quite fucking aware that I’m a fucking terrible human and should be ashamed of myself. I am not. I should be more like you. You’re a total fucking winner.
    And not a cunt at all. No matter what anyone else is about to call you. Right?

  31. p.s. you might be a stupid cunt.

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