Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diabetic and Disorderly!

Another hilarious post about diabetes here!

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  1. Help! I don’t get the first one? It’s in all caps and I get confused..

    Also, Roy is a jerk, why do you become fan of things you hate..

  2. steeeeeeeeeeeeever!

  3. dammit. as to your question oat: french fries are made out of potatoes, which are indeed a vegetable. so her rant is baseless.

  4. and what the hell happened to this place? is it the over abundance of lame posts? these comments used to be chock full of erudite comedy and considerable douchebaggery! now each one is lucky to get ten replies? where’d everyone go?

  5. I still don’t get her post, maybe it’s because I don’t know the commercial but why did she get upset?

  6. I don’t understand Ellis’ reply. Why would Nana think *CHIPS* are a fruit, or apple sauce? It just doesn’t make sense.

    @Oatmeal, I think it’s probably because she assumes the advert is making out that people with diabetes can’t tell the difference between fries and vegetables, labeling them as dumb.

    @Historyprof, potatoes are tubers of a fruit bearing plant. Wiki strikes again.

  7. One who speaks of erudicity yet jumps on the stever “meme”…

    I think everyone was drawn away by the superior wit of

  8. I think the word you want is “erudition”.

    And Roy made me lul, but I don’t like Mountain Dew either so that’s probably why.

  9. oatmealandi:
    Roy never said he didn’t like the Mountain Dew, but stated the (what should be) obvious.

  10. @manybellsdown – lul means dick in Dutch.. Just so you know.

  11. Apparently the admin for “Mountain Dew White Out” has very selective attention. I just visited that page and noticed quite a lot of comments that he/she might deem ‘hateful’, including one recent one about how “This shit looks like Bottled Jizz.”

  12. The commercial in question was for Memorial Healthcare, a Chattanooga hospital. I haven’t seen the commercial myself, but I can’t wait to see if she can convince a lawyer to take the case.

  13. Ellis, you forgot “d) All of the above.”

    I thought it was pretty funny.

  14. littleredcorvette

    It sounds like Nana’s diabetes is a result of her previous belief that french fries are a health food, and that’s why she’s taking it so personally. She thinks they found out her deep, dark secret.

  15. @Oatmealandi – Yeah, Roy made me a dick, that’s what I said. Dick is much tastier than Mountain Dew.

  16. I really wish I could find her reply, but it’s buried in a mountain of daily posts by the local news FB page.

  17. Found it…

    Her reply:

    First off french fry is not a fruit and that sounds like u r trying to insult my intelligence just like Memorial is…2nd POTATOES ARE STARCHY VEGETABLES french fries are very bad not only for diabetics but for fat people….any fried food is not good for u….TYPE 2 DIABETES is not retardation. I have a great nutritionist and I am educated on what I should eat or not…. 45 carbs per meal… It is hard enough to live with this illness without having some medical facility insulting your intelligence. MIND U MAYBE THERE ARE STUPID PEOPLE BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THEM AND I RESENT BEING PUT IN THAT CATAGORY…

  18. Umm.. I think she just insulted herself with that reply. She really should learn some grammar so people don’t assume she’s an idiot due to her lack of writing skills. Ugh, that is one of my biggest pet peeves >:(

  19. Deep fried pet peeve

  20. I think she’s on a sugar-induced manic diabeetus rage from eating all the french fried fruit. Wilford would not approve.

  21. cockblockalypse

    You made me choke on my wine just now 😀

  22. Shouldn’t Nana’s profile pic be digitalized, Lamebook?

  23. My biggest issue with Nana is her willingness to sue over something like this. Seems like she’s using her disease as leverage for a payout. Who’s the asshole now, Nana?

  24. Why are you so concentrated on judging people on how their grammar is? Seriously, who cares. However, I thought that was funny stuff!!!

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