Thursday, June 2, 2011


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  1. Hey, Leah? Go die in a fire. Slowly. Slowly and agonizingly. You and your kind are why I’m pro-choice. -.-

  2. That guy next to the Statue of Liberty is HUGE

    And I want to be Eryn. Life must be great as her. Maybe I’d understand Leah too.

  3. I don’t find the last two funny at all, I am really saddened by the ignorance and the stupidity of these people. Maybe I shouldn’t care but I do. Especially the second one.
    The first one is a little funny tho.

  4. The second one is really bad. I would unfriend someone for posting that

  5. Can we put Leahs in hospitals until they be smArt? Or is there more hope for the gays. The hospitals might get all overcrowded and “stuffs” and then the religions fighting eachothers more.

  6. The first one is “Our lady of Harissa” in Lebanon. I have my own fotos there.

  7. #2 … omg … and she’s capable of breeding …

  8. i can forgive the first one, because his name is Abdul.
    As for the second and third, i love them. I love stupid people, because they are so easy to make fun of.

  9. Ah, Leah… She must be religious?

  10. God. I hate stupid people. So much.

  11. Whenever I read stuff like this, I die a little inside.

  12. Just so you guys know, not all religious people are as stupid as Leah. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the idiots like Leah are a small minority.

    It’s just that the stupid ones get so much attention.

  13. littleredcorvette

    Leah, fuck you and your religion. I do not need some imaginary presence from a poorly written history book to tell me how to live my life.

  14. Aside from everything so horribly wrong about the three religions Leah mentions (I have no idea what those religions are), Christians aren’t supposed to judge others. My guess is that she missed that message when reading the Bible and stuffs. She should be put in a hospitals until she be smart. Or dead.

  15. Please go back into your holes and die.

  16. Well the statue of liberty sure has changed 😉
    Stupid people… you either love them or hate them

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    Agreed beatus – the stupid ones are typically the loudest or most prone to posting whatever dumbass thought crosses their mind.

  18. But was she serious or trolling?
    Either way, I say neuter her.

  19. Haha omg, my stupid ass former boss once thought the Jesus statue in Rio was the statue of liberty..

  20. Agenda, I think you spay females, not neuter them.

    Whatever it’s called, though, good call.

  21. leah, actually, i do believe many “christians” are in fact racist

  22. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Leah makes me want to be an atheist.

  23. The do and say these things then wonder why atheists are full of hate and acid towards them… so surprising!

  24. My two cents: All these “them,” “they” and “many” generalizations regarding Christians are pathetic. They show you to be no smarter, no more enlightened and no more tolerant than Leah . . . who, for all any of you know, may have been trolling. Each of ya’ll know who you are. Since I’m a Christian and I’ve never seen this kind of conduct in my life outside of fringe minority kooks that NO ONE agrees with, this is where I say “bite me.”

  25. wingedwriter, your pro choice out of spite?

  26. Keyser, you’re right you spay them. Or her, more specifically…

  27. I think Leah must be on drugs.

  28. Yes it is the statue of liberty now give me your social insurance # & I’ll send you a million dollars. (lol)

  29. Leah…. I wish I had you as a friend on facebook so I could bitch about you being a stupip girl who thinks she knows everything omg…

    first of all, theres more religions than Islam, Christian and Judaism (which im guessing are the 3 religions she thought of), second of all, im atheist (but part Christian because its always good to have a god to believe in, I dont believe everything about jesus and that god created earth and human though) and it can get me so mad to just think about how many people died in the war between those three religions in Jerusalem, and last, TO BE GAY IS NOT A DISEASE OMG SJGGFHLAJÆTYAÆGKLDFHA

    okay im out

  30. Sommergirl, I feel it necessary to say that you’re not part Christian if you’re atheist. Please learn your religious terminology before you associate yourself with a specific group of people. An atheist is to religion as an anarchist is to government. You can’t be atheist and think it’s “always good to have a god to believe in”. Insert foot into mouth.

  31. @Sommergirl

    1. You can’t be “part” Christian. It’s not a race.
    2. You can’t be atheist and believe in any kind of god.

    Go to Google and type in “define:atheist” if you feel the need to argue the second point.

  32. Leah doesn’t deserve to live. Most atheists don’t hate religion, being gay does not make you hate religion (I know a lot of gay people who are also Christian or Jewish), and racism is often tied to religion. You can’t force someone to follow your religion, or they aren’t really following it (Leah apparently is not familiar with the Bible, given that it kinda brings that up), you can’t “cure” homosexuality (because there’s nothing to cure), and racists are not very likely to change their ways, given that they have their beliefs deeply ingrained into them.

    Uhh, Sommergirl? You can’t be an atheist and also claim to believe in a god. Atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of deities. There IS, however, such a thing as Christian atheism, in which the person does not believe in a god, but believes that the teachings of Jesus Christ are a good way to live (basically, it’s a philosophy, not a religious belief), even if he didn’t actually exist. You should really do some research, unless you’re trolling, in which case I feel like an idiot.

  33. Leah is making my brain hurt with that load of stupidity.

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