Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doggin’ It!

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  1. Pet peeve: confusing “there” and “their”.

  2. No STEEEVER for me? 🙁

  3. I don’t like dogs

  4. I always wondered what different kinds of meal you can make with dog meat.
    *goes to google it*

  5. dogs are only as vicious as their owners… it’s illegal where i live to own a pitbull, the region has literally banned the breed – too many idiots got them for the wrong reasons and didn’t bother to train them properly. fascists.

  6. Pitbulls are for white trash, if you like dogs get a breed that is intelligent. Obviously these two ladies are the kind of dummies that shouldn’t even own a pet rock.

  7. Pitbulls aren’t for white trash thank you. I have a pitbull who is extremely intelligent and gentle. So keep your steriotypes to yourself 🙂

  8. ^Stereotype(s)

  9. @6,

    Count the Pit Bulls. But sure, they’re not an intelligent breed at all!

  10. Never mind your dog, I want to hear more about the dog that can eat an entire pig…

  11. Womp womp…

  12. Pitbulls are not for “white trash”. I have my own red nose pitbull, and she is very intelligent! Judge the owner, not the dog.

  13. Golden fucking Labradors, yeah they look cute and passive and shit until you cycle by them, then they turn into a hound from hell intent on taking a chunk out of your arse.

    …and Newsflash, dogs aren’t fucking intelligent, they ain’t got shit on dolphins, monkeys and dolphin-monkeys

  14. comparethemeerkat

    Normally, i’m not one to moan about the output on this site. However, that first one is so unfunny. What the frig?

    @PA – dogs can smell cancer in their owners which is pretty clever. But they also like rolling in fox shit. Which is not clever. And it fucking stinks.

  15. @14, it’s clever when you consider the fact that after they roll in fox shit, they smell like fox shit, and not like dogs. Which is pretty useful if their prey is a fox.

  16. bet most of you don’t know what a pitbull is…

    try this and see how many tries it takes you.

    and I agree with PA Labrador Retreivers are bastards…..also dogs are intelligent – most humans ain’t got shit on dogs, dolphins, monkeys and dolphin-monkeys.

  17. That ‘find the pitbull’ website is the biggest load of shit ever.
    Absolutely shit breeding practices have totally warped what you might see in a pit bull standard. Most look more like Staffies these days. But just look what they have there for an English bulldog… lol

  18. @17, are you talking real breeders following the actual standard, or BYB? ‘Cause the Pittie I spotted in less than a second at that site looks like a Pittie to me.

  19. Also, there is no English Bulldog at that link.

  20. The Chinese Restaurant joke was last funny in the 80s, maybe early 90s if you’re being generous.

  21. Oh hey, a news headline from my area.
    They probably got stolen for breeding. Breeding or dog fights.
    You can’t let your dog outside in Indiana these days, I swear…

  22. Banning the breed is stupid. I wish I could ban certain people from living in my area and possibly euthanize them.

    We used to be able to bring our dogs to Home Depot until a fuckin Shih Tzu bit a woman’s face. I hate little yappy dogs.

    I have two Valley Bulldogs that people mistake for pitbulls all the time.

  23. Volupian- you do know that there is a difference between an English Bulldog and an Old English Bulldogge, right?

  24. @makeme…he’ll probably think… old and ge?

    the most dangerous dog in my house, to strangers, and other family members, (that is, he’ll bite you if you come next to me), is not a pitbull, or the boxer, but my mexican warrior…aka ze chihuahua 😀


    People are so stupid. Everyone talks without knowing anything. And calling labs “bastards?” Grow up. And ahahhahaha at the idiot thinking he’s all sly and clever saying to look at the picture of the english bulldog.. ummmmm theres an Olde English Bulldog on that site.. completely different breed. So maybe you should stop broadcasting your outlandish comments.

  26. Labs are idiotic, from what I’ve seen. But people (without dogs, especially) get waaay to freaked out by dogs. When my family lived in town, we were across the street from an elementary school. We also had a large Newfoundland. She liked “visiting” people nearby, which consisted of sniffing around a bit then plopping down for a nap in the shade.

    Granted, her size was intimidating, but I don’t see how a drooling, sleeping ball of fur is scary. She went over to the school a couple times because she liked watching the kids play. They called animal control, even though she wasn’t doing anything but laying there.

  27. cumdumpster2011

    Pitbulls, labs , it doesn’t matter, they all taste the same at the Chinese buffet,some of them even pay you good money to bring them dogs.

  28. I want to know how dumb you have to be to get all worked up about a group of anonymous people on a comedy website insulting a breed of dog. Not your personal dog, even, just the breed. To translate from English to dumbass: There dogssss, know 1one1 caressss how intelegente U think dey Rrrrrr.

  29. Trolled so hard. I’ll be back for the cut vs. uncut war.

  30. Drug users are not the problem. Neither are pit bulls. Stupid politicians who make dumb laws are the problem.

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