Thursday, July 28, 2011


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  1. Three or more times a day? is that all.

  2. Way to go, Gramps. You banged Granny to death!

  3. Gramps has big balls. You can see them drooping out of his gym shorts on hot days.

  4. Atta boy gramps! 2200+ times in two years!
    Thats more than all of the Lamebook commenters lifetime totals combined!! (minus me)

  5. yourmothersayshi

    your mother approves

  6. When I read about the great grandchild in the last post, I first thought that he actually had ten grandchildren, but he had one that was just extra great.

  7. Go for it Grandad!! This man knows what he wants alright!

  8. He does sound very appealing, curly. I wonder how old he is…

  9. I would totally date this guy if I was that old and single, he sounds sweet.

    Also, I’m plesantly surprised that people old enough to have greatgrand children can still get it up.

  10. Yeah, 1 and 2 sound pretty used up. But 3!! Unblock that email addy, Grandaddy!

  11. I don’t see anything lame about number 3 🙂
    It’s sincere, honest and I believe that it is also very courageous of the dude to expose himself that much.
    Especially as none of it comes off as desperately needy.
    I happen to be a straight guy in my very late 30′s, but if I were a single woman anywhere near his age in the US, it would surely sound more appealing than most shit you see.
    Kudos to the dude and his set of balls (that he’s quite willing to still put to use).

  12. @wordy I do quite like the older man ……

  13. LMAO.. I don’t want to look at grandpa and see anything resembling a baby bald eagle. With that being said, Gramps is old folk WINNING!He could be Charlie Sheen’s dad! ..I want a cupcake. :/

  14. It is funny how that is “Basic Information”…no holding back, eh?

  15. I second the unblocking of his email. How about it, Lamebook?

    There have been times when I’ve been a fan, too, curlygirly.

  16. agree with post #11 + nice folks are rare.

  17. no, the worse thing that can happen is you can force me to play duplicate bridge.

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