Friday, July 30, 2010

Shameful Snaps

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  1. @mizhydee

    the REAL issue with the first picture is their obvious lack of dental hygiene

  2. mizhydee – Since his face is painted white I don’t think it has anything to do with 18th century racism. They are probably an inter-racial couple “sticking it to the man” in a “look we’re all the same” albeit retarded sort of way.

  3. dirtylittlepretty

    @ Mizhydee-why would anyone here take their cues on what they should be offended by from you??

  4. whats wrong with the first photo … i actually like it …

  5. The bottle in the second picture looks more like Lilt to me rather than Mtn Dew.. but I could be wrong as I’m British.. Our Mtn Dew is luminos green.. and it doesn’t look too luminos to me in the picture.. But going on to the teeth joke.. actually, that’s just a stereotype 😛 some of us actually brush our teeth daily 🙂

  6. First photo – worth posting? Hope they got a good wrestle out of it. Second one, time would have been better cow tipping since they’rs obviously already out in the cuts. Third one – funny – might have been funnier with the sheets wrapped around the white guy …

  7. Oh no! Did we all end up in the 18th century some how? Also, I thought Al Jolson was from the 19th century… damn revolutionaries and their stupid blackface make-up.

  8. In amidst all of the British contingent tongue bathing each other, Soup’s posts at #41 and #48 are golden – especially the Hello Kitty blast. “Hard as fuck,” indeed.

    @Stam – Al Jolson was from the first half of the 20th century.

  9. @mizhydee

    America has moved beyond minstrels and blackface. We (shamefully) elected a half-black Muslim as President, as such it’s safe to say that racism is all but extinct in the US. Yes, there are some real radical hate group types but that’s about the extent of it.

    I guess it’s still OK to be racist against whites though. See: President Obama (“I hate white people”), his wife (“whitey”), his radical Marxist preacher or (most recently) Shirley Sherrod. I’d say that having an entire political party built upon stealing from the rich (mostly comprised of whites) and giving to the poor (mostly minority groups) is pretty racist in and of itself. The fact that the Democrat party is led by a bunch of racist, radical black panther types says all you need to know about the liberal agenda and destroying the traditional American society.

  10. there’s a shirley temple movie where she has to hide from these mean white guys that are trying to take her,idk,anyway,her maid hides her by rubbing shoe polish all over her face.then she ‘acts’ black…black face at its best..

    but,umm,yeah,i think the couple in the first pic is making a kinda fuck you statement, they’re inter-racial couple,slapping society in the face in their own way,whatever..i don’t think anybody really missed the whole black face being racist thing though…

  11. I have to admit, dan_fargis, you are a really good troll. You are seriously one of the most impressive trolls I’ve ever seen on the internet. That’s one hell of a compliment. I mean, reading your last post, I know you’re a troll to begin with, I know you’re just trying to wind me up, and I still find myself being really pissed at your conservative bullshit.

    Someone should give you a trophy. I’m not even really annoyed at your existence around here anymore, because you’re so impressively annoying that it just becomes an art.

  12. Dan_ fargis
    Go for a walk, my teeth need exercise

  13. @Dan Fargis You’re a fucking retard.

  14. @Stretch- thanks for correcting me, I was thinking of blackface in vaudeville in general which did start in the 1800’s.

    @dan_fargis- I consider myself a conservative person (NOT a political conservative) and I feel compelled to let you know that you’re a douche. P.S. Just an FYI: there is no traditional American society.

    @Hazl- It isn’t conservative bullshit, that’s what they want you to believe. It’s really just only bullshit.

  15. atomicblast2375

    @dan_fargis-what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. I find myself getting far more annoyed by people who continue to try and argue with him than fargis himself.

  17. I’m with Hazl, really. I chuckle all the time at the things that come out of Dan’s keyboard. If you take him the least bit seriously, you’re likely to cause yourself an aneurysm, so just sit back and enjoy the show.

    And to #15, they probably will be weary of bothering the dead, eventually. It can only be entertaining for so long.

  18. @Stam: Apologies. I don’t have anything personal against conservatism as an economic philosophy, just the very vocal subset of conservatives who also happen to be absolutely batshit insane. The US conservative party is much more about being religious nutjobs than minimizing government interference with the economy.

  19. friend request denied.

    Why do people insist on fighting about politics and economics on Lamebook posts? There are two teenage Kentucky rednecks ‘disrespecting the shit out of graves.’ The one on the right appears to be holding a bag of candy, throwing up a gang sign, and biting her lip in ecstasy. The one on the left might be pregnant, and looks like she’s about to take a charge.

    And the third pic? Hilarious. You laughed. Look at the face that guys making. And it’s posted in an album called ‘Family Reunion’…Socks with Shoes guy could easily be from the Pacific Northwest. I feel you.

  20. friend request denied.

    And by shoes, I clearly meant sandals. Count it.

  21. “The one on the right appears to be holding a bag of candy, throwing up a gang sign, and biting her lip in ecstasy. The one on the left might be pregnant, and she looks like she’s about to take a charge”

    I like this very much, frd.

  22. Looks like dan needs a nap. Or a lobotomy.

  23. I just laugh at Americans who SOOOOO wanted a black president and ended up FUCKING themselves over hahahahahaha ahhh shit..
    First pic: how tacky
    second pick: how trashy
    third pick: made me a little sad :*( really not funny, but thats MY OPINION (i’m allowed to an opinion right??)

  24. BeautifullyDizzy

    Actually, North America and South America can sometimes be viewed as one whole continent called ‘America’.

    Ok, that’s the end of today’s Geography lesson.

  25. I have to say the idiot in the first picture actually looks a bit like Barack Obama.

    The guy, that is.

  26. I was the one who submitted the second picture, and I must say that those two girls, trashy as their ceremony(? honestly I have no idea what in the world they’re doing) is, are not rednecks. In fact, they live in a rather affluent part of the richest city in Kentucky.

    And for the record, Louisville is not *really* part of Kentucky.

    Also, the girl on the left is not pregnant… both of them are highschoolers, by the way.

  27. If you’re from Kentucky, it doesn’t matter how much money you have…you’re a red neck. And I guess the girl on the left is a just a fatty. Why does that affect the affluent I wonder?

    third photo was hilarious. It’s nice to see family able to have fun together. They obviously have a good sense of humor in that family.

    I liked the first photo too. I took it as a couple having fun. Good for them to take some shit lightly.

    As for all the rest, I’m very glad I voted for Obama. I’m white and i still don’t regret it. He’s an awesome president. Just want we needed after the mentally challenged monkey we had before.

  28. on second glance neither girl in # two is fat or pregnant looking. Who was the sour pus who said that?

  29. are those girls stupid? doing a jig and pouring what seems to be sprite on a grave is not disrespecting. it’s just treating the grave like the back of the bleachers or something.

    that’s sad that that’s the best i could have come up with. ugh.

    annnndddddd i’m pretty sure that the USA isn’t a continent. Just a part of a continent. have mercy.

  30. “they live in a rather affluent part of the richest city in Kentucky.”

    Im sorry, but this made me laugh for ten minutes straight. do they own their trailers instead of renting them? Seriously.

    and the one on the left isn’t fat, but her tummy does look slightly rounded I can see how she looks slightly preggers.

  31. I knew Mr. Fargis would pull through on this one.
    #1: Worst attempt at blackface I’ve seen on this place
    #2: Why do they let people that obviously stupid into college?
    #3: Don’t hate on sandals and socks

  32. You Brits are fucking cordial.

  33. 1: Woah no god no.
    2: Someone please bitch slap some sense into their heads.
    3: Okay, that one was hilarious, and I’m sensing it’s also a posed picture. Ruins it, right?

  34. Oh brilliant, they’re from America, now I love Britain again.

  35. Hobo, I agree, maybe if we all ignore Fargis, he will get bored and go away.
    Also, as an American I’d like to say that you are probably better off in the UK. People like Fargis are everywhere here. I’d jump at the chance to move to Britain and let this country self-destruct without me.

  36. It’s too easy to be a troll here, everyone takes you serious and at face value.

    my take :
    1. maybe they are mimes.
    2. they’re just doing a karma test
    3. maybe they’re playing 3-D Hangman

  37. bonnieprincebilly

    As a Kentuckian myself, I have to say it shames me to no end that the two half-wits in #2 are doing what they are doing. Kentucky however, is a wonderful place and if we all judged people on this site based on their state of origin, well we’d have lost a lot of respect for all 50 of them.

    Simply, there are dumb people doing dumb stuff everywhere. The redneck and trailer jokes are so tired and cliche. Come to Lexington for instance and you would experience a world-class city with good people. The city consistently ranks in the top 10 in best places to live in American studies and is locked in the top 50 in the world. And as one poster said, Louisville isn’t really in Kentucky. Thank God! Because Indiana can have it!

  38. @bonnieprincebilly What lists are those? I feel you have fallen prey to Kentucky propaganda…

  39. @dan_fargis
    Do you know what’s shameful? You.
    Heaven forbid that America become an accepting, modern, progressive country. What ever would racist, old-fashioned imbeciles like yourself do? Have you ever heard of a guy called Hitler? Don’t worry if you haven’t, he’s not that big, but I think he had similar views to you.

    Did you know that six out of the top ten wealthiest people in the world (according to Forbes Magazine) aren’t American? They aren’t even European! They’re Indian, Brazillian, Chinese… and guess what? The wealthiest is Mexican.

  40. I don’t understand why so many people find the last picture rofl but the second picture offensive. I find the opposite to be true. The caption on the second picture made me pmsl.

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