Friday, July 30, 2010

Another FANtastic Friday


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  2. Also I <3 #5 since I have actually said that to women before.

  3. boring

  4. I can think of a few things bowling balls could do that would be sluttier than getting fingered, if you know what I mean.

    Ollie, my advice to you is “With risk comes reward.”

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    Did anyone NOT do “the ‘sup’ nod” after seeing #3?

  6. enough with the “fan” posts. They stink/

  7. why no linky to the crayola one, also alordslums is in a shit band

  8. @dawn of the dan… 🙁 i couldnt help it lol

  9. Charlie Incognito

    @Walter.. I racked my brains, but no, what else can a bowling ball do that is sluttier?

  10. Come on, Charlie, get your mind in the gutter.

  11. Lol yeah sharts are really not cool

  12. Charlie, you are out of you’re element. You might understand when you get older.

  13. bollywood_rocks83

    I totally did the nod 🙂

    Last one got a laugh from me. I have friends who think purple glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner is the rage. Imagine purple eyeliner and a blonde weave/wig on a black person.

  14. I’ve never understood this make-up ‘face rape’ either. I mean it’s like all these women are doing it to identify with that fat, horribly unattractive woman from the Drew Carey Show.

  15. Charlie Incognito

    Walter, you’re being VERY undude…

  16. @Charlie and Lambert…
    i guess chaining a bunch together to make giant anal beads is good slutty fun, but only for the bigger chicks/dudes/whatever.

    Plus the *sup nod* I just couldn’t help doin it either. 🙂

  17. Dawn of the Dan- I definitely did the nod after I read it and then thought, “Why did I just do that?” I’m glad I’m not alone.

  18. I did NOT do the nod . . . But, I have another cup of coffee to go before I am a functioning human being. I may have done it.

    I think the Crayola gangbang sounds funny. I imagine my box of crayons being very promiscuous, and just as I open the lid, they all put their little wrappers back on and stand like the proud little coloring utensils that they are . . . But then it makes me wonder what RoseArt crayons are doing in their boxes . . . What if it is more fun, and all this time I have been denying them just because they are cheap and color all shitty . . . So many things to ponder so early on a Friday.

  19. eusadnama … I wonder bout you lol

  20. RoseArt crayons really are shitty. Agreed.

  21. Oh yea, there is definitely something wrong with me, lol.

    RoseArt crayons always gave you that awesome surprise crayon, though. Ya know, that one that they couldn’t decide what it would be so it would be red on the outside and blue on the inside. I always liked those . . . But then I would try to color with it and it would be ugly as shit and piss me off and I’d go beg my Mom to buy me some real crayons.

  22. Steeeeeeeeeeeeee veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr…..
    The sluttiest bowling ball I’ve ever seen was the one Dan Fargis shoved in his anus

  23. and it barely even touched the sides

  24. @Charlie. Bowling balls don’t just get fingered, they take it in all orifii, all night long, and you don’t even have to buy them dinner.

  25. I definitely did the “sup” nod when I saw that lol. LMAO @ gangbanged by crayola

  26. dirtylittlepretty

    that’s it!! no more Rose Art crayons @ the beginning of the school year!

  27. Nobody throws away a perfectly good bowling ball. Crayola has that new gangbang red in it’s adult crayon box – look it up!

  28. Do that many people really not realize that every page you “like” is public?

  29. good call on the sup nod. haha

    And Stever I liked your comments for the first time ever!

  30. LOL gangbanged by Crayola oh god I love that, but I really don’t want all my friends to see I liked that. What a shame.

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