Monday, June 7, 2010

Cocky Photos

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  1. mmm I love a bit of cock flavoured soup!

  2. also extremely impressed with the pumpkin carving! talent!

  3. YorkshirebornNBread

    That Pumpkin is AWESOME!!!

  4. MsBuzzkillington

    That pumpkin is awesome. I could never do something that good.

  5. I bet that pumpkin is pumped.

  6. YorkshirebornNBread

    @MsBuzzkillington possibly not the most unambiguous comment made….

  7. Can’t believe the cock soup is doing the rounds again. You can buy it in Asda, if anyone’s interested.

  8. The pumpkin carving is good, but I reckon Jay has delusions of grandeur.

  9. krasivaya_devushka

    Hmm, I’ve seen the first one somewhere already. Not sure if it was on this site, or some other..

  10. Gotta admit, that pumpkin carving is good! Pick 3 concerns me. What exactly is on his chin?

  11. YorkshirebornNBread

    And the soupmix is past its sell by date…by 6 months. No wonder its 99cents

  12. I’m Jamaican and yes the cock soup is actually really good. Even better with dumplings, yams, and green bananas. It’s tradition to eat it on rainy days.

  13. Going to buy Cock soup now!

  14. @Sharkbait

    I’m assuming its simply sunblock…but assuming is a dangerous thing in cases like these.

  15. Thanks nightsrequiem, I was wondering what they would have “used”

    That cock soup is making me hungry and I have a whole barn full of cocks. Maybe I should send one to his maker….yum!

  16. @ aubrei24- I’m a trini and while I don’t doubt that cock soup tastes good (because jamaican food is good), would it be too much to ask to call it say, chicken soup? We eat some weird shit here too but I can safely say that I have never bubbled a steaming pot of cock.

    @ nightsrequiem. are you sure enough to lather it on your back and face?

  17. Oh my, lamebookpro, you have made my WEEK with your “bubbled a steaming pot of cock”. Thank you!

  18. Nights: I was hoping it was gull shit.

  19. That pumpkin is amazing , but I am hoping they didn’t put it outside for little kids to see :S

  20. I too have a picture of cock flavoured soup. Taken /during/ a customer’s transaction, might I add. I have decided against putting it on Facebook, however, knowing the shit privacy content of the site and what not.

  21. BobDylansWife1

    Awesome jack-off-lantern.

  22. #2 I don’t know why guys like to draw cocks let alone carve them, I mean I know they have them but what is the deal?

  23. hahaha “jack-off-lantern”! Love it!

  24. I am incredibly impressed with the “jack-off-lantern” (which is great, by the way), I doubt I could even make the generic smiley face.

  25. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @ 21 hahahahahhahaha

  26. The comment on the last one made it oh so much more tolerable. xD

  27. That is one awesome pumpkin carving, I have to say. I love the neutral comment aswell. Come on. They’re impressed too, they just don’t wanna announce the ‘knob pumpkin’ love in public.

    The cock soup just reminds me of that episode of the Ricky Gervais show that NOBODY but me will probably have listened to so I’ll stop talking now.

  28. Head like a fucking orange”

  29. @BritishHobo,

    I’ve only listened to the ones that have been done up in cartoon form – was it one of those?

  30. I wouldn’t mind some cock soup. As long as it tastes like my ex’s. (…too far?)

    I love the “jack-off-lantern” (LOL) it’s really effective

  31. Dick or Treat? Seems like an option but it’s not really.

  32. vxl and Jessi I fucking love you two.

    I dunno about vxl ut Jessi you won’t have. The cartoons are from the podcasts they did but this was from the radio shows they did on Xfm in the early 2000s. If you like the podcasts/cartoons you should check em out at


    I’m not an advertising whore, okay? Don’t look at me like that.

  33. @Miss Shegas – glad to oblige. i wonder if anyone ever swallowed hot cock soup too quickly and choked and a 911 call had to be made?

  34. lol

  35. @ lamebookpro

    Hey Trini! Nice to know people are enjoying this site in TNT 🙂

    Also, I’ve seen asian versions of “cock soup” so I don’t think it’s exclusively Jamaican. However, I agree they should just call it “chicken soup”!

  36. @ Kazoo – hola! Asian version of cock soup huh. I guess that soup must come in a little shot glass or something? (I can say that because I’m asian, and my cock fits in a shot glass, that’s all)

  37. Hmm, cock soup doesn’t sound too bad!
    And LOL at the pumpkin, best I’ve ever seen!!

  38. Well, my halloween is sorted for this year. My housemates will LOVE that.

  39. Yeah, I bet it tastes like chicken…

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