Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Bit Much…

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  1. Hump over the mountains. How apropos.

  2. HA HA, no…

  3. Jesus fuck, Melissa. I just want to friend you now so that I can unfriend you.


  5. Yes Melissa, but did Santa give you his “milk”?

  6. Skype is the best.

  7. …at first glance it looked to me like that view included a dashboard and a rear view mirror.

    Hi word.. lookin’ awesome!

  8. I don’t even get Melissa’s post. Is she saying she breastfed her husband for so long that she ran out of milk and had none for her infant?

  9. …Wait, why are you so heavily playing up santa if your kid is only old enough to get breastfed? Pretty sure they don’t care at that age…unless you have older kids that you banished from your family profile pic.

  10. Hi mass. Great to see you. Hope your Christmas break was good.

  11. It t’was word (see what I did there … Christmasy) lottsa driving though…

    Mind you, I would drive the Arctic Ocean and then down the North Pacific to see you… I could navigate the South Atlantic too, come to think of it… probably will.

  12. Come on down, mass. You know what? I actually need someone to drive me around at the moment. I’m not allowed to drive for the next few weeks. I’d love for you to be my driver…

  13. Define ‘driver’ …

    I drove 630 K today … but, I could do a few more.

    Why aren’t you allowed to drive word? Nudity by law issues again?

  14. Wordy, I warned you if you kept using the sidewalk as a passing lane, the authorities would take issue. 😉

  15. You could be my driver by more than one definition.

    Wow, that’s a lot of driving. You clearly have staying power.

    And no, nothing as interesting as nude driving. I had a big op on my neck a few days before Christmas. It’s a long story, and I won’t bore you with the details, but it all happened very quickly. I’ve made it through, and I’m on the mend.

    Come and be my driver…

  16. I missed your comment, Comments, before I posted. That’s the actual truth of it all, mass.

  17. Santa took away my dummies, what a bastard!

  18. Word and Mass, did you submit number #3?

  19. Yes.

  20. 2 can only be interpreted two ways: She gave her breast milk to her boyfriend/ husband (what in the fucking fuck)

    or she squeezed some into a glass for Santa as per a tradition that some families do, of leaving cookies and milk out.

  21. I’ve heard of men who are into drinking their women’s breast milk but…..for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

    Where is imamofo to shed some light on the issue?

  22. what is with men drinking breast milk?

    I just recently stopped breastfeeding last month and had so so so many men offering to pay me for my milk. Or they wanted to date me and would waste no time getting to ask me about my milk.


  23. I’ve seen your pic. brunette … I’d pay for milk from those beauts myself. Just a shot for my coffee though, not a full glass or anything.

  24. maybe the kid is just young and saw the father suckin or lickin the moms titties and so the kid *thought* he was drinkin the tittie milk.

  25. Yes, some people like to drink breast milk during sex, so what?

    I don’t like it but i like to see the milk coming out when she has an orgasm.

  26. So you like a squirter, jr888? Everybody does.

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