Friday, October 22, 2010

Proof Reading Problems

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  1. Sounds like you have it down to a fine art, mass. Good for you.

    The Hide Away Lounge… hmmm…

  2. Swear, I live 2 blocks from there…fuck, I’m breaking rule #2.

  3. surely your tattoo artist would ask were you right in the head if you brought something like that to them? I don’t think it’s for real anyway.

  4. That tattoo makes me want to cry for the sake of humanity.

  5. good thing its marker.

  6. It snowed here today …

    Makes me want to cry.

  7. It’s warm and sunny here today…

    Makes me want to cry… with happiness.

  8. I crave happiness… and boobs.

  9. I don’t want to rub it in or anything, but I have both.

  10. … I want all 3.

    Please rub it in.

  11. @23 mass, goddamn it, thank you for catching that. Jeeze…you’re right, I can’t belife it. Damn it all. Haha.

    @26 asriel Yeah, it just looks too…marker-y….

    @48 Wednesday There are very few times in my life I have hoped I was right as much as I do now, cause that is just so…pathetic otherwise.

  12. OH! Waaaaiiit, so you know how News= North, East, West, South…maybe this dumb bitch is a news anchor and this is her tattoo to pay homage to it? Fuck I don’t know, it’s still dumb as hell. You are so dumb, fo real. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  13. Ok. I’ll rub it in, then you rub one out.

  14. And, blah. I reckon the tat is real. Come on, we’ve seen enough pathetic tats on here to know these dumbfucks get them put on their bodies.

  15. love you word, goodnight.

  16. @word #64 I know you’re right, we have seen enough evidence of dumbfuckery. For some reason I never stop being shocked (and to be honest, a little depressed) at how dumb people can be.

  17. Wednesday, at the place I went they will at least make fun of you incessantly behind your back if they think you’re an idiot. I know because while I was getting tattooed, some guy called, then came into the studio, to ask for a tattoo THAT DAY of a spider ripping open his shoulder and blood dripping from it and the drops turning into pieces of a 100 dollar bill and three little spiders lapping it up. He was upset when he found that the head guy was booked and made a sarcastic remark about it not being a tribal armband. He was then told the second artist could fit him in next week; he was concerned over whether the other guy had an art degree.
    The upshot of this is that while I was being worked on the two artists and my wife and I were laughing our asses off over this idiot. And debating how the hell blood drops can turn into money.
    So perhaps these artists, after doing these lame tattoos, go around making fun of their customers with everyone else.

  18. Me thinks that the tattoo was done that way on purpose. I couldn’t imagine more than one person making that mistake. It’s probably some kind of inside joke, or meaning. It’s really not lame, because it’s way too wrong to be a mistake.

  19. to elaborate further on my comment about mad2physicist….

    if you turn the image through 270 degrees, then skew on the 7th vertices of capricorn, then the tattoo is in perfect order – so although the fun-house mirror would have to be pretty complex, it can be done – here’s the proof:

  20. well ….. this one time, at the tattoo studio

    one of the tattoo guy’s assistants showed me his ass :O He had his girlfriend put red lipstick on and kiss a sheet of paper and then had it tattooed on his bum. I hope they stick together otherwise he better have a really good story for future pick ups

  21. Curly, did you work in a studio?

  22. haha I wish! I’m not that creative. Just meant one time I was there 🙂

  23. Oh well, just thought it was possible curly. And speaking of you, do you speak Irish? Or how did you know the pronounciation of pog mo thain?

  24. Tiffany is just trying to live up to grandma. Amelia Earhart’s legacy lives on.

  25. Soup explanation for the win.

  26. (Disclaimer: I have not read above comments yet. This is my uninfluenced opinion thus far.)
    1. You fail HARD.

    I probably should stop there so I don’t make myself go crazy, but, I’ll try to be civil and to the point.

    2. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry (cry mostly). You fucking Faux-News-watching Tea Party cunt. Nope, I didn’t stutter, and that’s the end of that.

    3. OK, this also explains my political opinion. What fucking idiot teacher decided to give out this paper to begin with? Well, what does it matter? I don’t blame them for not giving a shit anymore because society obviously doesn’t give a shit. The fact that that teacher likely gets paid about the same as a teenager working part-time at McDonald’s explains it well enough.

    That’s it for me on this post. Not discussing anymore politics on LB, I do enough of that on FB.

  27. @shelley: Seriously? You seriously figure that a teenager working part-time at McDonald’s makes ~$40,000?

  28. Does anyone else think that four-pointed star seems skewed? Like, more skewed than can be explained by just her skin moving? The left point appears to be a lot lower than the right point…

  29. Amanda must be a member of the Tea Party.

  30. Hi Mad2 – sorry been busy with a sick child, husband and now me 🙁

    I definitely don’t speak Irish – I don’t have the attention span for languages – even English. But I live in Northern Ireland and there are a few phrases that you just know. Pogue mahone one of them. Slainte being cheers and ceid mille failte – a hundred thousand welcomes.

  31. Ah, that’s very cool curly! My wife and I want to take our honeymoon in Ireland. We’ve been married 5.5 years and still no honeymoon…
    My problem is I can’t pronounce Gaelic words when I read them.
    I imagine the sick husband was more work to care for than the sick child? I know I would be.

  32. You guys need to get the finger out and get that honeymoon sorted! We honeymooned in Cyprus – was beautiful. You’re right, he’s much more work than she is lol.

  33. Get the finger out? I should think a good honeymoon ought to involve a lot more getting fingers in than out…

  34. lol yes it would. Just a figure of speech. Well it’s not long until halloween so I’m starting the ball rolling with a pic. You should join me – something vampirish obviously.

  35. I don’t dress up for halloween. I just always look vaguely… well, all dressed in black. So I think I will stick with my pic of the hallucinogenic white rabbit.

  36. Aww no scary vampire Mad2. You certainly like your rabbits!

  37. Haha I’m so dumb sometimes. I just realised, who knows who reads these comments. A lot of my facebook friends “like” lamebook …. and I’d rather stay anonymous.

  38. i no u curlybap

  39. Fuck off yoink (wanna-be)

  40. shame, would have been much funnier if he’d commented when I had the pic up.

  41. People are presuming that the tattoo on Tiffany’s back is supposed to represent compass…well it isn’t, it’s pointing to the following:

    1 – N (her neck)
    2 – S (Her Shoulder)
    3 – E (her Elastic bra strap)
    4 – W (her Waste box, or shit box for the more coarse of you)

  42. @Imamofo: Thanks…my life is now complete.

  43. @evey35: No problem sweet cheeks!

    Just to be sure there is no confusion, can you please confirm you were in fact initiating cybersex with me? I have my cock in hand ready to go!

  44. I think the tattoo was sharpied on. Doesn’t look like a tattoo at all.

  45. How on earth is it possible to get a tattoo that mixed up?

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