Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keep It to Yourself

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  1. Chili powder huh. Might have to try that one


  3. The irony is not lost on me that “Floss” os having issues with her tampons.

    And Chris, I believe that is the only way that is going to happen.

  4. I once had a humpback whale try and bite my dick, the damn thing choked to death and washed up on the beach!

  5. How do you not notice that there’s chili powder on your tampon?

  6. first off– what woman in her right mind would use a tampon that isn’t wrapped? second off– i’m 100 percent sure that chili powder is orangey-red… so why in the hell would you put that inside your body???

    geez. use your brain.

  7. Fire crouch?

  8. fire crotch you mean?

  9. >.< lmao yea that one

  10. crouching fire, hidden crotch

  11. I like Samantha. She’s a true poet, I don’t believe I’ve ever read such deep eloquent writing before.

  12. we don’t have tampons in our markets ,instead we use things like always ultra. anyway nice status floss

  13. I think Subrina (nice name) is the type of person with too much time on her hands. It takes forever to type like that.

  14. maybe she should get shoved back in

  15. subrina sounds like half of an ablative absolute.

  16. Come on guys, be fair, she said don’t judge her.

    I think. Hard to tell. Hate people who TyPe LiKe ThIs. Idiots.

  17. dA onLii tIng hARdr iss reEAdIN dis! Yo.

  18. What is the hospital going to do? Laugh at you and flush out your vag? Pretty sure Floss Found a big chili pepper in the fridge and got a lil excited, totally a cover story.

  19. Samantha sounds like a fun person to be around.

  20. @ banahm, I never thought of that! I bet you’re right! Nasty Heffer

  21. Glad someone else pointed out how fake Floss’s is. all tampons come individually wrapped. For obvious reasons. And chilli powder is a dark reddish color. No one in their right mind would stick a tampon up their hooch that looks like its already been not only opened, but used.

  22. Chris is so shortsighted. I like to slather mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks in lipstick and let them go to town on my junk. Not only does the swelling have quite the flattering effect, but when I pull it out at the bar, the lipstick encrusting my dong shows the ladies that I’ve been tasted by another, and am thus a worthy catch.

  23. hmmm, Samantha, isnt that how The Butterfly Effect ends? I would feel like you ment it more if it wasn’t a reference to a craptastic movie.

  24. Wouldn’t Floss have been alerted by the fact that the tampon was unwrapped?

  25. With a name like Floss it’s evident that she’s probably the youngest of about 18 kids. By the time her parents got to her, they had completely run out of names and were just naming their kids after whatever they happened to see in the room. Luckily for her she was born prematurely in the bathroom. Had she made it to the hospital like her brother Heartratemonitor, or been born in the back of the car on the way to the hospital like her sister Seatbelt, things could have been much worse for her.

    Anyway, given this overload of kids, it’s probable her parents didn’t have a lot of quality time to spare to teach her things like how to use a tampon.

  26. After reading Floss’s status I suddenly have the craving for something hot and spicy.

    Some chilli con carnt would go down nicely.

  27. dirtylittlepretty

    @Soup your post made me as hot as a chili powder tampon. it terrible that I think Samantha should have been one of those stone babies? wow that was pretty harsh..I should go to sleep. phuckin lamers

  28. dirtylittlepretty

    oops..I forgot to smile.

  29. Huh. At least Subrina can spell. Unlike her parents, apparently.

  30. 1. Is it really worth all that effort typing upper and lower case just for some “look at me, I’m bad-ass” bullshit?
    2. Tampon should have been dipped in some flesh eating bacteria, dumb-ass.
    3. Fuck me rigid, “look at me, feel my pain”. I just wish I could close my eyes, count to three and you would fuck off.
    4. Soup won this comment, anything else is sloppy seconds.

    Now pass me the brain bleach.

  31. Boring.

  32. Charlie Incognito

    When I was 12 I thought it would be a boss idea to put tigerbalm on my junk. It wasn’t.

  33. i’m friends with floss, her sister went onto her account when she left it open and spammed it, it didn’t actually happen 🙂

  34. hOw MucH LoNgeR DoeS iT TaKe tO tYpE lIKe ThiS? HoW dO PeoPlE hAvE the FuCkiNg pAtIenCe?

  35. was going to call out ol’ Flossy as a fake but I see several people have beaten me to it.

  36. @els9874 – fake or not, it does make for some funny reading, which is why we are all here, right?

  37. I can’t help but notice that posting on somebody’s account that they got pranked into putting a tampon dipped in chili powder inside them is a far shittier and lazier prank than ACTUALLY dipping the person’s tampons in chili powder…

  38. @yeahcool

    Is her name really Floss? Please tell me that’s a nickname…

  39. floss is her nickname
    and it isnt a fake story, im pretty sure her friends were drunk when they did this.

  40. wait,who uses an unwrapped tampon? or ones that look like theyve been dipped in chili powder…?epic fail.

  41. sounds like a seriously spicy snatch

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