Thursday, August 12, 2010

Motherly Love

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  1. Faith’s son has it about right. . . .and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @seven18 – don’t be so sure; dan_fargis hasn’t weighed in yet.

  3. Yeah, I practically fell asleep at my desk trying to finish reading his lengthy comments, thanks dan_fargis!

  4. I had a ouija board as a kid, and it was cardboard with a plastic glow in the dark planchette. It scared the shit out of me when I used it, I thought I’d end up like Poltergeist.

  5. I just had a horrible flash back of sleepovers as a preteen. That Ouija board can stay in my attic for all I care!

  6. @Super Nintendo Chalmers:
    Good point, I wonder if Faith’s son is a sinner according to Fr. Fargis!?!

  7. I’ve never used a Ouija board by myself, so I’m pretty sure I just have jerks for friends.

  8. Hey – it’s been a while since I’ve visited. Where can I find some of these dan_fargis rants? I could use some sleep…

  9. Used a Ouija board once; there was an unexplainable bang in an unoccupied corner of the room. My friends and I promptly packed that puppy up never to be removed from the closet again. Better safe than sorry – I’d prefer not to be possessed Evil Dead style.

    Also, Faith, somethings never get old – it will remain his favorite toy. Remember that before barging into his room when he’s a teenager.

  10. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    @jfwilliams. go back a couple to “sappy snaps” and see comment #’s 22, 23,32,34,40,41. He’ll definitly be all over this one.

  11. @smokecrack0fuckchickens – unless he was scared away. LB posters can be brutal. Remember Ben?

  12. Faith’s son is disgusting :s

  13. Faith seems to not hold a very high regard for men, including her son.

  14. @jfwilliams, you an find fargis anywhere that talks about fornication, stimulation, self-gratification,ejaculation, masterbation and unwed procreation!

    You might be better off hitting urself repeatedly about the head with a bible.

  15. *or copulation, penetration.

  16. No sign of Fargis here. Also, Faith’s son has the right idea

  17. my god people, stop talking about him.

  18. The only worthwhile thing that ever came out of a Ouija board was Tawny Kitaen’s tits.

  19. @Soup
    Wait? Tawny Kitaens tits came out of the Ouija board? Were you playing Ouija with OJ Simpson?

  20. When I found out that my sister Gwendolyn was in peril from all the whitesnakes, diamondbacks, and jaguars, I broke out the witchboard to find out what I should do. It suggested I hire Tawny for my brother’s bachelor party, and I licked whipped cream off her boobs. Jeez, I figured it was obvious.

  21. So, senor Fargis is MIA?

    Couple things here, ummm, I am pretty sure that Brittany has more issues than Faith.
    As for Faith’s son, he’s gonna end up with at least one issue if his mom really does think that low of all men.
    I don’t see how millions of people all over the world say it’s wrong and yet you know they think about it, if not indulge themselves…. but perhaps at a certain age Faith should chalk it up to not knowing any better, and at least make sure he knows not to let anyone else help….

  22. totally obvious…. i must have been high or something when i posted that earlier

  23. dirtylittlepretty

    After a pretty creepy experience with a ouija board as a kid I will never touch one of those fuckers again either..fuck that!

    Why is Faith letting her child play in his crib w/o a diaper?? Wth..that’s just crazy thinking.
    Maybe she wants him to crap everywhere so she can be angry with him, and put him back in his crib.

    Faith is a crazy bitch.

  24. I went through a heavy Ouija board phase in junior high. Had one in my room even. That was around the same time I first saw the Exorcist and that movie did not bring me great joy.

  25. @dirtylittlepretty
    Nappy Free Time Muthafucka

  26. Ouija boards are not legit as hell. There are some combination of atoms glued together, just like monopoly or scrabble. Except you rarely learn new words or dirty business practices from it.

  27. Holy cow… some of you guys pick apart things way too much!

    I am still trying to find out who posted my status here… no one wants to admit to it. That figures… It’s not like I’d be mad about it.

    My son (mentioned above) was in his crib, naked…. because he had a really bad diaper rash. His bum was airing out from being in a diaper and making it worse. He’s 7 months old and I thought it was quite comical for him to start playing with himself that early.

    No, I do not think that low of men… it was just a comical situation.

    If my son wants to play with himself, more power to him! At least he will be comfortable with himself later on in life. I’m not going to stop him! =)

  28. wow how embarrassing that you found your own status on here

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