Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the Plus Side…

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  1. Roast beef can be used as innuendo? I learned something new today.

  2. bob’s an idiot – if the bees all die then it’s us who’re fucked.

  3. Get honey?

  4. I approve of Marc’s comment.

  5. Roast Beef is what me and my gals call a porn stars snatch. I think it seems fitting. So I totally get Bill!

  6. i always thought roast beef was a snizz with huge (and often discoloured) labia.
    i’m behind the times, i don’t know what lingo the kids are using these days. 🙁

  7. I was planning on having a roast beef sandwich later. Why must you ruin roast beef for me?

  8. I’ve heard of beef curtains. But in any case, this is one seriously lame entry. Lamebook is getting more and more lame lame and less and less funny lame.

  9. why is Marc narrating my life?

  10. I approve of Mathieu’s comment.

    On a sidenote, The Happening was the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life.

  11. Meh

  12. @wonder

    But they made the wind a bad guy! It’s about time that Sonofabitchin wind got it’s come-uppance… nah, it was awful.

  13. Bob’s “Fuck Bees” is a Dane Cook quote … Hopefully he does not really hate bees …

    Although I don’t get the reply, “Get Honey”?

  14. That last one made my day, thank you Mathieu.

    @lwitt: It’s from a song by Biggy, Get Money. “Fuck bitches, get money”

  15. Or honey could represent something else, but a little less sweet…and a different color.

  16. @eenerbl: roast beef or the “bologna sandwich”, it’s cheaper.

  17. I think you’re on to something there. Never thought about it that way.

  18. @Moonear Haha I didn’t even think of that song when I read it …

  19. I love my roast beef with some extra gravy. Put it in a bun and dip it, so delish.

  20. Sexual innuendo amateur hour around here …

  21. No, seriously. Philly Beef Dip Sandwhiches are the shit. You can never have too much gravy.

  22. Chap’s is disgusting. Unless you like looking at gross strippers walking around and flies all over your food.

  23. That gentlemen’s club is about 10 minutes from my old house. And yeah, Chap’s IS disgusting, Ashleyyyy.

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