Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Crazy Captures

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  1. Cinnebar, none of those songs are ringing a bell. And I do intend on listening to classic rock artists, as I own many of their records, but I’m not rushing it. Besides, it’ll probably be better to listen to them on a record.

  2. I like you brah.

  3. W O W.

  4. The tattoo does make you wonder if someone shopped it for the sake of a good LB post. Would someone stoop that low?

  5. It’s all well and good if you don’t know who Bob Marley/Jimi Hendrix are, especially if you were born in the last 20 years. I can assure you that I wouldn’t be able to point out ‘The Big Bopper’ in a photo line up.

    But for fucks sake, if you’re going to get a tattoo tribute of one of them, then there’s an issue…

  6. ‘just sayin” post #44712

    i’m sure i knew who bob marley and jimi hendrix were when i was about 8. ok, just to be sure i’m not exaggerating, 12. i definitely knew at 12. and my parents weren’t into either. or music as a whole, for that matter.

    ‘just sayin”

  7. Even if one hasn’t listened to Bob Marley (or Jimi Hendrix, for that matter…however, I don’t know how that’s possible), I don’t know how they couldn’t possibly know what he looks like. Everywhere I go there is a poster or a t-shirt with his face on it.

  8. God, I feel so old and I am only in my early 30’s. What kind of music do kids listen to today? All sounds like crap to me except for a few artists!

  9. I agree with hhej, she does look about twelve. That’s really sad if she is that young.

  10. The thing is…and I say this as a tattoed person myself…you CHECK UP on this kind of stuff BEFORE that needle gets a-buzzing.
    Just a tip. Use it. Don’t use it…

  11. Actually Britt16, there is a ton of fantastic music coming out still. More bands than ever are coming out and the talent being shown by some of the youth is incredible, but… with the good comes the bad and unfortunately main stream society seems to favor the flavour of the week with little or no talent, and these young talented acts get lost in the heaps of shit coming out.
    If you look, you can still find some impressive stuff.

  12. is tattoo painful ?
    i wish i had one

  13. not sure…. but it is painful for me to look at that one

  14. guitar- what kind of (newer-ish) music do you listen to?

  15. i’ve heard that bad bad bird aren’t half bad….

  16. ya ya ya

  17. alright, i admit it, they’re pretty damn bad…


  18. i heard that their music was a-ok but that some of them were friggen nuts, which is pretty cool………….

  19. Nope, not half bad – ALL bad…

    Just messing with ya alord!

  20. new video up very very soon.

    oops, did i just say that…?

  21. Chewbacca shagger

    I can understand kids not knowing who Marley, hendrix, etc. are. If you listen to popular comercial radio all you are gonna get is “music” that is made only in the last,say, 5 years.
    If you have an appreciation of music and play an insrument you search for other types of music or hang out with people of like mind. Go to an open mic night and hear some really cool stuff that will maybe never get airplay but is music made by musicians, not computer nerds.
    I was never a fan of Marley or hendrix but then i never really smoked pot.

  22. @Chewy

    I totally agree with you about not all great music being on the radio. One of my favorite bands through college was a band that went to my university who couldn’t break into the industry. That being said, there are certain artists that you’d imagine kids would at least be familiar with – between commercials and movies, how many times should they have caught a song by one of the acts mentioned.

    Just my $.02, not that anyone asked for change…

  23. I see after my post, someone actually thought that Bob Marely’s “I Shot The Sheriff” was a cover.
    I’m only 17, don’t really listen to Bob, but I even knew he wrote it.

    To be fair, Eric Clapton’s cover was the biggest song of his career. But it was originally Marleys.

  24. Brah, have you seen the movie “I Am Legend” ?, Starring Will Smith?
    Cause that movie has a shit load of Bob Marley.

  25. Ah c’mon people….are there people out there who seriously don’t know who Bob marley was…there is no hope…sigh…

  26. I’m going off to listen to Chet Baker and John Contrane…this discussion about people not knowing Marley is depressing the hell outta me…it wasn’t that long ago!!!

  27. shekilled, I have not seen I Am Legend. I plan to, but I heard it’s a shitload different from the book.

  28. I only listen to polka music. I find the accordion to be the most sensual instrument.

  29. This made me register too. You’re all missing the point… It doesn’t matter if young people these days or anyone else hasnt heard of marley/hendrix… The point is that someone who, it seems, must love marley enough to want a permenant tribute SHOULD know what his face looks like!

  30. actually, amanda, i think we all got that point (and had it reinforced severally by varying commenters during the course of this thread), and then have moved on to a more general one.

    to be honest though, the real point is, why are we all sat at home typing pointless comments into lamebook, when there are whales dying out there, amanda? whales are DYING! right this MINUTE!

    really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it…?

  31. I agree that many who claim they haven’t listened intentionally to Hendrix or Marley have probably been exposed to them without knowing who it is at one time or another (Wayne’s World with foxey lady….commercials, I am legend). And their faces are everywhere now, I’ve seen both on a buttload of tshirts. I, for one, remain opinionated that he is the god of guitar. I’m also partial to led zep and frank zappa, but Hendrix all the way

  32. Charlie Incognito

    Subliminal satanic messages get me all wet under the gills. Go listen to Stairway to Heaven backwards, you make fuck your record but at least you will rock when you channel The Prince of Darkness…

  33. I want to make fuck with my records too, Charlie!

  34. At least “Bob Marley” is spelled right. It’s just a bad camera angle so you can barely see part of the “E” and part of the “Y”.

  35. fizzymacfizzfizz

    dude its not that bob marley is spelled right… but that is jimmi hendrix!!!
    u fail just as much as the dick with the tattoo!

  36. okay,i consider myself to pretty young,21,but wth,ive def listened to and know who,well,bob marley,jimi hendrix and every other band/musician you guys have mentioned are…..i call bad parenting if a kid doesnt know who pink floyd is…im weirded out that someone doesnt know bob marley…..

  37. Haha Alright,
    Just so we can clarify. This tattoo was done at the shop i work at. Everyone knew that it was a picture of Jimi Hendrix and we meant to put the banner saying Bob Marley. It was a joke for this specific purpose. The uproar on all of our facebooks and the shops page was insane haha.. thank you guys for making this the most amazing tattoo.

  38. ehh,still fucking stupid.

  39. I was totally about to post about the bob marley/hendrix tribute. So glad everyone knew and it was a joke! holy shit, if not. Still kinda sucks to have that on you, and have people say dumb shit to you all day about it…that would get really really old. you could definitely fuck with them, but it would get annoying after a while. And to anyone that doesnt know who either of these musicians are…well…sad for you.

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