Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crazy Captures

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  1. Yay, Justin Bieber jokes are back, thanks for not letting us down lamebook.

  2. 3 is a champion for submitting their own photo

  3. You see, I’m that ‘cool’ and down with the childrens, I didn’t even need to put ‘first’ or the ‘Benjamin’ or the such-like.

    Now where’s that Soup character with his golden curls, lingerie and promises of all night ‘trucking’.

  4. What a coincidence – I also love balloon animal shaped pancakes.

  5. call me childish, but the 3rd picture killed me!

    they could definitely have come up with a better caption though, i’m thinking first person instead of third person…. maybe:

    ‘don’t worry jigga, i don’t gots lungs!’

    i’d welcome other submissions. answers on the back of a postcard.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but:-

    Thus rendering the above submission as unoriginal and lame to the nth degree.

  7. U love cock?

  8. Am I paranoid or are those pancakes accusing me of being a homosexual?

  9. Aha, I am not being paranoid! I can assure you, pancakes, I am not a homosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  10. The pancake on the left kinda looks like a vagina, with that pink whatever-it-is in the middle. That penis pancake probably could penetrate it if enough force is applied.

  11. I render Paranoid Android as unoriginal and lame to the nth degree for not bothering to think up an original name.

  12. maybe the pancakes were suppose to say i heart u,or maybe theyre totally suppose to be a vag and a penis.vag heart penis,awe.

  13. No it was some dumb young girl Beatrice trying to be romantic and tried to say I love you but she said dick love you and then Pedro snorted a chuckle and moved the pancakes and took a photo then covered them with syrup and scarfed them down.

  14. Or Alexa, whatever. Must be an old hag with a name like that.

  15. corporalflashback

    Self-submissions make God cry

  16. So is this how American horse looks like? Hmm! They resemble our cows to an extent.

  17. corporalflashback, your mumma makes god cry.

  18. Wtf. I knew the American education system was a joke, but not knowing the difference between a cow and a horse? My daughter is 2 and knows that shit already.

  19. @Paranoid Android
    Bubble Butt? Ew!

  20. Why do you guys assume it’s American? They could very well be British.

  21. Because only Americans are dumb enough to show their ignorance by naming FARM ANIMALS wrong. Farm animals for fucks sake. They have toddler games with farm animals in them. Shit.

  22. I hate to shock you here, but there is such a thing as a dumb Brit.

  23. I don’t doubt that, I just live in the south in America, so I have very low expectations for Americans. I do not have too much experience with the Brits, so I give them the benefit of the doubt.

  24. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @Brah, if the person was a Brit, it would have been spelled “hourse”

  25. Super, I’m sorry for that, I didn’t know they added a ‘u’ to horse.

    Which sucks, because now I know that person is most definitely American. Oh, well.

  26. @Paranoid
    I like your crab better- he looks so pissed off. I’m sure if he could talk he would have a super raspy voice like an old old smoker.

  27. @Alord
    Yes, your first assumption was correct. My thoughts were indeed of the lascivious nature….. glad you read it that way… typing was of course a disguise 😉

  28. lol @ brah

    8===D— @ sidney

    aaaaand now it’s my bedtime. i hope my mum lets me stay up to watch celebrity masterchef! pleeeeeease mum!

  29. Justin Bieber jokes just don’t get old.

  30. Just like Justin Bieber.

  31. Now.
    You see, the last picture is what makes me sure that I am more intelligent than most people.
    I am sincerely hoping that this person doesn’t work on a farm…that would take the cake…the milk in that proverbial cake would probaly probably come from some random meadow animal…I shudder to think 8and type) further…

  32. I’m almost 100% sure that the cow labelled ‘a horse’ is supposed to be a joke. Not very funny, but it’s just not plausible that someone would mix up those two animals. Unless they were a London evacuee from the 1940s.

  33. Bahahah! @ the “hourse” comment.

  34. The Justin Bieber joke was so shit, but oddly, the horse one gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had from Lamebook in a while.

  35. hoursesforcourses

    meh.. lol @ 24&25 though..

  36. or maybe “cock loves you XD”

  37. a horse BWAHAHAHAHAH XD

  38. That’s a couw, not a hourse!

  39. That’s not a horse. I’ve seen plenty of horses in my time and that’s not a horse. But it does look kind of familiar… Mom?

  40. @Sideshow
    aww your mom shows up in every post….. Is lamebook a never ending Rorschach test for you?

  41. Ok ok. Mom bashing getting lame I know. And Rorschach no. Slight Oedipus complex… Maybe.

  42. Lame? no worries, we are after all on lamebook. you make me laugh… please continue to do so but please first go stab yourself in the eyeballs 🙂

  43. Sorry sidneybunny. But if I stab myself in the eyeballs I would not be able to spend eight hours on Lamebook when I should be working.

  44. Sorry I was just going with the Oedipus theme 🙂

  45. That’s obviously just a bunch of cats tied up together.

  46. Well that makes no sense. Obviously you’d have to tell Bieber to GO straight, not stay straight.

  47. Brah’s being sarcastic in comment 25, right?

  48. for me, half the humor in the crab submission was the caption.. i literally Led.. O L.

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