Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picture Perfect Pregnancies

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  1. The parking lot at this hospital is about 10 feet from the door… it’s really not that big of a deal.

  2. Wow, y’all I was in labor and walked to the door and then, walk to the doctors office, where he checked me, said I was indeed in labor and then had me walk over to the hospital side and go up the elevator and then walk to the admitting desk on the labor ward. Geeze, not everyone in labor is crowning or needs to be wheeled in. And, further more…Amniotic fluid is clear/barely pink. Not whatever the other person described. Hence calling it “water”.

  3. I do agree with the amniotic fluid thing . . . If you got goo flowing out something is all kinds of wrong.

    I was just pointing out that the consideration would have been nice and expected, not a necessity. But definitely something to take up with hubby.

    But this post has become boring and to argumentative rather than fun in a nit-picky sorta way . . . Moving on.

  4. Even if your water has broken, chances are you still have HOURS of labouring to endure. A walk across the parking lot isnt going to cause the baby to fall outta your vag. Just sayin

  5. The first one…that’s golden right there. Like golden shower golden.
    The second one…well at first I thought it was rather cute, you know harmless. So I was squinting REALLY close to the screen to see what was so lamebook-worthy about it…and then I realised…I feel kinda dirty now.

  6. @snake eyezzz

    Dude, you know it’s not pee, right? So it’s not like a golden shower.

  7. @HokieFan

    Amniotic fluid is composed of baby piss by that stage of pregnancy, so technically it is a golden shower … just the pedo kind. 😉

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