Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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  1. Ben again

  2. I have high expectations for the comments on this post.

    So ladies and gentlemen, after you…

  3. What the hell….

  4. Tatiana, the grin and off to prom is cold enough, but did you have to steal her knitting needles while you did it??

  5. Grandma’s dead! Prom time! LOL!

  6. #2 who found the pic of Miss Shegas and her Granny?

  7. It’s really nice to see that there are still some young people who respect their elders enough to dress up in their finest plastic tiaras and sliced jugular necklaces when coming for a visit.

  8. The last one: Great Granny has not expired as some may think. What Tatiana is saying is she’s going to get Great Granny ripped, and then head to the prom.

    I like it. It’s very considerate of Tatiana seeing as though Great Granny is riddled with arthritis. That shit’s painful. A decent hit of weed would ease Great Granny’s pain.

    Bravo, Tatiana.

  9. maybe she meant rest as in….literally rest. Take a picture with grandma while she’s taking a nap, and then off to prom! …please?

  10. If Great Granny was dead, could they not have propped her head at a less awkward angle? Maybe the family visited so infrequently that she was stiff by the time they found her. I’m gonna hope Wonderbread’s right here…

  11. Nah, Wonderbread. Great Granny’s gonna be kickin’ back chillin’ after Tatiana hits her up – some Cypress Hill playin’, some snacks on her food tray. She’s gonna be sweet as.

  12. Why smile? I meal, really, why smile? Unless Tatiana is her only heir, and the woman was a satanist or something, in which case I totally get it.

    As for Michelle, that’s the concept for a weird porn movie. I’m thinking, Backside to the Future.

  13. Rest In Pyjamas

  14. Oy, rybart! How did you know that was me and Granny?

    It’s so much closer to the truth that you could imagine… MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  15. *than
    erf. Blood got in my keyboard there…

  16. where’s dan fargis? i want to know how these pics are somehow related to the homosexual agenda!

  17. ok… Tat took the picture before the prom, while Granny was still on this side of the dirt, Granny has since expired. PLEASE. for the sake of humanity. please.

  18. Perhaps an evening of chaperoned dancing, stolen Smirnoff Ice’s, and awkward sexual encounters was Tatiana’s way of grieving.

  19. Jesus Christ! What the hell is wrong with the girl in the last one?
    That is sick. 🙁

  20. I don’t think great-grandma is actually dead…otherwise the oxygen tube that’s still hooked up seems a tad bit unnecessary.

  21. Anyone wanna help me tag team the first two? Vampires and old chicks get me goin’.

  22. I’m in sideshow…. although I must call dibs on the bloody mess. I can’t really do old people….. I once saw an old lady with a breast exposed and I could not figure out how she had three elbows.

  23. I’m sure these photos can some how be blamed on Obama, liberals, and gays. Fargus, where are you my favorite love to hate troll?

  24. Fine. I will bag the bitty. And with you comment in mind I will make sure to tie those suckers down. Don’t want one of them whipping around and taking an eye out.

  25. Whoops! Merle beat me to it! Shit.

  26. @ sidney

    the fat thread’s kicked off again. thought you’d want to know, as my queen-consort-elect for regular-weight-paradise.


  27. Thanks Alord… I better check these new developments out…

  28. I don’t really see anything wrong with the second one. So it is maybe Halloween or some other costume party and she visits her grandma, or maybe it is even at home before going to the party. Grandma seems to have fun

    the 3rd one though…. ouch!

  29. Check out the girl’s hand in #2… yes, there is something decidedly wrong with it beyond Halloween!

  30. RIP thread, off to kegger!

  31. i get why #2 is on here..and theres nothing wrong with her hand…

    and who takes pictures with their dead granny,i dont understand whats going on at all,dead granny then prom…whaaaaa,maybe grandma isnt dead in the pic…she just died shortly after..idk,weirdd.

  32. Who said great granny’s dead?? If she was gone then why would she need all those pillows propping her up? I’m with word on this one…Enjoy, granny!

  33. I like how Ol’ G is giving herself a knuckle bump.

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