Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gettin’ Caught

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  1. Ben

  2. Sweet, first ben ever. I feel so proud.

    Anyway… I would totally jump into a pool if people were getting it on in there. What I wouldn’t do, however, is have my boss on FB.

  3. Why does mommy have a peepee? Does she also have an Adam’s apple? WTF.

  4. @sideshow
    I was gonna ask if that was your mom….cuz Teri sounds like her fur clad Vag is totally unfresh

  5. If the kid is 5 or younger, he likely associates that area as the “peepee area.” That being said, she likely has so much hair that he may not have even noticed there wasn’t anything hanging there.

  6. @sidneybunny

    Nope. My mom is a chick. Albeit an ugly furry whore of a chick, but still a chick.

  7. you forgot with an unfresh vag, Sideshow 🙂

  8. Some days you’re the jumper into a pool of humpers, some days you’re the pool humper getting jumped in on.

    That’s what me sweet old granny always used to say, anyhow.

  9. Miss Shegas, I love your granny!

  10. peepee with fur? That’s not how I roll

  11. Miss Shegas there’s a song about your Granny

  12. Teri, ha, I know. Teenage boys say the darnedest things, don’t they?

  13. *points at John and laughs*

  14. Teri weirds me out. To me, that is much too much information. Nobody should have to endure listening to someone use the words “pee pee” and “fur” in the same sentence. The imagery alone is burning a hole in my skull.

  15. Teri is in need of a servicing by the sound of it. Fresh Vaggies are at a bargain rate right now for new customers.

  16. A peepee with fur is much more preferable than what my son says. He told me I have bugs on my peepee.

    Toddler boys refer to both the vulva and penis as “peepee”. That is common knowledge.

  17. Nova, I can offer you some treatment advice for that if you need it.

  18. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing — the fact that the little boys saw mom’s vag or the fact that they used to word “fur”ry to describe it. It’s not the 70’s.. we’re in the day and age of naked vag or at least minimal “fur”. Ick!

  19. Thanks wordpervert!

    Zombie, I can only assume you dont have children. #1 There is no way to keep a kid out of the bathroom #2 Once you have a kid you dont care about what your vag looks like.

  20. The 70’s was cool. Especially for porn. I dug the hairy bushes. Now it’s just all bare down there.

    I vote to bringing back pubic hair to the porn industry!

  21. People should always care what their vagina looks like! No matter how many babies cae out of it! 🙂

  22. @IVB
    I agree

  23. mmmk.

  24. Why should anyone care what it looks like as long as it is functional?

  25. Because when the house looks nice, fresh and inviting more people want to enter it, same goes for vaginas 😉

  26. yes that is real estate 101 and Vagina 101 (Fresh Vaggies…. see yard sign)

  27. Since when does hair = unfresh? If you are unable to wash properly, you have a lot bigger issues than hair.

    The more people who enter the house, the more likely the house is to have herpes. No thanks.

  28. she could have a landing strip or a neat little triangle,just cuz theres hair doesnt mean shes got a giant mess down there…

  29. Ahaha, I love the thought of a house with herpes…

  30. I shave my fresh vaggies. I specifically hate that fur on my broccoli.

  31. Does the BlackBerry Facebook app look exactly like the iPhone Facebook app?

    ‘Cause that last one kinda weirds me out for just that reason.

  32. Why would that weird you out at all?
    The person who posted the status used a blackberry, the person who actually took the screencapture of the status has an iPhone.
    Bravo for thinking so logically.

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