Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. @Dan_Fargis. Hahahahahaha. Yeah right. Even If I believed it for a moment you are doing what you say you are your efforts would be better spent spreading the word of the “good” book in a positive manner, rather than condemning all those who do not meet your interpretation of it. Seriously go help the needy or teach Sunday school. Oh no you won’t because you greedily and sinfully enjoy being a big old troll. Lol. Have fun πŸ™‚

  2. Dragnorok, wrong? You clearly misinterpreted what I was saying. I was referring to a REAL pearl necklace. They are the symbol of conservatism, especially when teamed with a ribbon in the hair.

    Now get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty-minded beast.

  3. I’m was smiling as I wrote that, by the way. Cheers.

  4. And please excuse any typos. I’m very emotional this morning.

  5. Well said, wp. Everyone knows that only a true conservative gentleman possesses enough “family values” to be able to give both a pearl necklace and ribbon in the hair at the same time.

  6. I was hoping you meant a real pearl necklace. I still couldn’t resist the urge to say something about the “other” kind.

  7. I think I enjoyed Dan_Fargis better when he was saying we would all go to hell for checking this site and such. You know back when he acted like Western Baptist Church man.

    Not much of a fan of this trying to make sense out of nonsense stuff. Talking about Kinsley and writing long ass speeches about how Sex Ed is bad and is probably the result of much frolicking and homosexuality. I vote he goes back to being the troll we cherished and found funny.

  8. I quote ZZ Top:

    Until I asked her what she wanted,
    And this is what she had to say:
    A pearl necklace.
    She wanna pearl necklace.

  9. Oops, Westboro Baptist Church… man I’m out of it…

  10. I can’t believe I’m going to get on on this, but I have a 13 year old daughter. ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG. It has nothing to do with the “liberal agenda”, the media or the church. The issue is that too many North American parents are selfish. They are too involved in their own personal agendas be it politics, religion, drugs etc. to take the time to give their kids the tools required to make informed intelligent and .. yes.. ethical decisions. These kids then think based on their parents actions that they should do whatever they feel like doing regardless of the consequences. Our children are being neglected and left to learn right from wrong on their own, and that never turns out well.

  11. Ha Dragnorok! Who are we kidding? Of course I meant the “other” kind.

    Forgive me my sins.

  12. With all you lot raving on and deciding what’s what, have you thought that perhaps, just maybe, the girl in pic 1 isn’t underage?
    She looks Phillipino or Thai to me, and they aren’t known for their great height or stature, and don’t age as visibly as westerners.
    Also, it is very common in the Asias to give children very old school English names, such as Elva which was fairly common in the 30s.

  13. @word

    Your sins are not only forgiven, but welcomed company for us heathens πŸ˜‰

  14. Comments, bless you. I’m having some difficulty this morning. As you know, I had a lovely evening last night, but it has got me all emotional. The gift I received and the note that came with it has me very teary.

    I’m attempting to contribute as usual today, but cut me some slack if I’m not up to scratch, ok, big boy.

  15. My fair wordyperv, you are always up to scratch. Knowing it is coming from a gift that touched your heart in such a way, makes any “off-ness” even more insignificant. Glad it was such a positive visit πŸ™‚

  16. As a bleeding heart liberal who also supports Obama’s “socialist agenda”, I am completely flummoxed at how the Christian Conservative/Religious Right gets their granny panties in such a twist over how “government” teaches sex ed…

    Do they not teach it at home, as I do? I am my children’s first teacher… and their MAIN teacher. I provide their religious education via our church… I do not expect the government or the schools to do it. And as I also teach my children that there are cultural, political, and religious differences in the world (as opposed to keeping their minds closed and eyes blinded), they are prepared for messages supporting alternate choices and opinions. And they know how to do their own critical thinking and how to rely on the foundations of their teachings at home to (hopefully) make the choices that are right for them.

    campbellconey, thanks for TRYING to talk me down… I did attempt restraint!

    sidneybunny, I’ll pay for their room!! lol!

  17. @victorianbisch
    thanks- I’ll go halvsies with you. πŸ˜‰

  18. mmm sexy eggs

  19. yes,playboy loves pictures of faces,she’s a shoe in

    and i dont get the belly painting thing.a girl i know had winnie the pooh painted on hers when she was pregnant,it was the dumbest thing ive ever seen.and a soccer ball,thats has nothing to even do with babies,jesus….

  20. elva’s 21, i submitted this picture.

  21. ParanormalRomance

    A thought…has anyone ever seen BritishHobo and DanFargis in the same ‘room’ at the same time? Hmmm…just sayin’.

  22. rybart, 57, is on the right track. Teen pregnancy rates are a socio-economic issue. They are lower in more left-leaning, socialist countries because taxes are higher and there is basically a redistribution of wealth. This reduces some of the financial stresses placed on families in the lower end and therefore gives them more time together and strengthens family bonds.

    It has to do with mommy and daddy being at work 9-5 then coming home and cooking dinner then being zoned out watching American Idol, instead of being there when the kids go to school and when they get home and helping with homework, etc.

  23. If Elva is indeed 12, only the past two years of her education would have been during a “liberal, sinful president.” The rest were under the Praise be to God Bush administration. And yet here she is.

  24. Niiiiiice troll, Dan. 10/10.

  25. what’s with Alisha’s dish ?

  26. Lastly, the soccer ball makes sense, I saw the comlete shape of my sons foot in my wifes belly, that belly feels like a soccer ball getting kicked from the inside.

  27. Oh dear god.. She looks like shes twelve.

  28. Damn, I go away and then things start getting interesting around here again.

  29. #1 Not only does your pre-teen Daughter end up pregnant, but she paints her belly to look like a football. Oh, the pride !

    #2 Imma be on Lamebook

    dan_fargis: If I wanted to have a Religious/Policital rant, I too would choose Lamebook as the forum … it’s the only place for serious discussion !
    (is your login an anagram of ‘Dan R is a fag’ ???)

  30. @dan_fargis what a completely judgmental thing to say. i’ve seen the high school sex ed classes here and they don’t teach kids that it is OKAY to have “wild sexual adventures” or whatever. they teach kids about diseases and pregnancy. and that its better to use a condom if you’re going to have sex at all. because lets be honest, the majority of kids are going to have sex whether people want them to or not. that’s not the school’s fault, it’s the kids and irresponsibility. and really? what the hell does gay sex have to do with it? how many schools have you been to where they teach you how to have anal sex with other men? that must be one of your fantasies because schools here don’t teach anything near that. and don’t blame obama, it’s not like he;s making PSA’s saying, Hey kids! it’s okay to have sex! even gay! who cares about condoms, because i don’t?
    You need to get your facts straight before you start making stupid remarks and blaming the president for this girl’s careless mistake.

  31. Elva doesn’t look 12. She looks like a very petite woman. Her facial features are mature for 12. My roommate is tiny and would probably look even younger if she were posted in a pic pregnant with a blur over her eyes. She’s 26. Without a baby in her belly she weighs 100lbs give or take.(I’m not exaggerating. She just gained a size and is now a size 1.) When I first saw that pic I didn’t think ’12’ at all. Oh, and someone above stated that she uploaded the pic and the girl’s not 21 as well. So…all this discussion over the “12 year old girl” is just silly.

  32. correction: “…is 21” not “…is not 21” above

  33. Dan, chill the fuck out.
    the bible also tells you to love everyone. Homosexuals still fall into that ‘everyone’ category last I checked. as do these ‘promiscuous kids’. If a 13 year old girl gets pregnant i’m pretty sure it wasn’t Obama or Clinton (ok it could have been Clinton) who got the dumb bitch pregnant. it was her 14 year old boyfriend who thought a condom was an Aquaman glove.

  34. that child looks freakishly preggers… thats such an issue on so many levels

  35. I hope Alisha doesn’t really think she’d ever be in playboy. I mean she knows they don’t take hideous looking “women” right? Usually you have to be attractive and not look like a man. God, that thing is gross.

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