Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Hype Type

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  1. Natalie is soooo dumb. Even I now know that it should be ‘3st’ thanks to my future hubby Walter!

  2. I doubt the vaggies are fresh.

  3. I think you should only advertise Vaggies if they are fresh…. otherwise what is the point I say?

  4. Linda should stop looking for guys in the closet.

  5. Attttention? David, you’re such an unclear teacher, I hate you.

  6. Fuck, that’d the worst Lamebook comment ever. 5’s a jackass.

    I should get some sleep.

  7. @ soup

    i thought she was just looking for her ikea catalogue…

  8. the worst part is that ‘veggies’ was once spelled correctly on that sign..

  9. 1. William is typing his suicide note.
    2. See Soup #4
    3. Too sad to insult.
    4. I will take a couple of those for me and my friend. No you don’t know him, his name is Dan Fargis.

  10. oh haha shutit you are correct. They much have had fresh veggies at some point……now its just the fresh vaggies.

  11. sidneybunny, you beat me to it. No one wants off-vaggies.

  12. @ammariila
    yah I beat it

  13. If “baby daddy” means “my baby’s father”, then doesn’t “baby girl” mean “my baby’s daughter”?

  14. I think the heart on the sign is a nice touch.

  15. Dukey.. Dan likes his vagies dirty, REALLY dirty.

  16. YES, I spelled vaggies wrong!

  17. @laugh.out.loud, That’s why I am with Dan.I get the fresh Vaggies and then I turn them REALLY dirty and send them to Dan.

  18. I prefer freeze-dried vaggies. They don’t get stuck in your teeth like the fresh ones.

    I love when people try to make fun of others, but they do not even know the difference between the words “there” and “their”. Whatever.

  19. Ok, who let William use the computer? You know the children like him should only be allowed access to a safety pencil and a circle of paper.

  20. I want a fresh vaggie. Mine’s a little worn, I could use a new one.

  21. @ eenerbl
    use the new one too much and it will be worn like the last one

  22. That’s ok, I’ll change it every three months, kinda like my air filter. That way I’ll always be fresh!

  23. good plan 😉

  24. @eenerbl, I already apologized for wearing it out, why do you keep bringing it up? Just wait a few days it will be back to it’s normal sweet sweet tightness.

  25. Whoa, ee! I haven’t been here in a while but I couldn’t help but notice your new link. I’m going to assume you’ve had some sketchy “visitors” to your blog?

  26. thats what all men who think that their penis is a womd say

  27. Dukey, I asked you to be gentle! But no! Ya just had to keep at it, now this is where I’m at.

    Bucky, you can say that! I’m sending a message to my little creeper!

  28. Sidney, that’s also what men whose penis ARE WOMD would say.

  29. Sorry ee, I will let you do all the riding next time. Who am I kidding, I wont be able to resist going too far.

  30. EE – routine maintenance such as that can be provided with a service contract from Nuff-corp. One of our qualified staffers will come around no less than every 90 days and fully service your vaggie.

  31. It’s alright Dukey, I should know better by now.

    What’s the service fee Comments? I’m a little low on funds, do you barter?

  32. No service fee, the mutual satisfaction of a job well done is payment enough.

  33. At first I thought the vaggies sign was in my mother’s yard. She is always advertising her hooha. But then I saw the “fresh” part and had to rethink that scenario.

  34. ee, no service fee is just one of the perks of being a V.I.P. Member. Also, your contract entails a lifetime membership.

    Commments, your customer service is astounding and well deserving of a raise. You will get it on ee’s next service date.

  35. Thanks nuff! 😉 Comments, let me know when my service date is.

  36. OMG Sideshow! I laughed, now I feel bad.

  37. Dukey, people like you keep Nuff Corp. in business. You wreck it, we keep it fresh.

  38. EE, I’ll put you down for Thursday between 12 and 4. That’s not a window, the appointment will take that long – it is full service, after all.

    Thanks! I take our stance on the customer coming first to heart…

  39. @snip.. Baby girl, is the equivalent of saying baby boy. Just as baby Mama is the equivalent of saying baby Daddy.. Maybe when you think, take an extra 5 seconds, I am sure that will help “)

  40. Heehee… Vagetables.

  41. it got blurred out, but interestingly enough, linda’s last name is connery.

  42. it got blurred out? like maybe you thought that was an accident? did you notice that all the last names are blurred out on all the posts?

  43. @ 7. alordslums – Funniest part? She’s Swedish.

  44. Tack så mycket!

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