Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brandon, Well Done Sir!

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  1. Lame. I could be funnier in just one word, you thundercunts.

  2. new rule: if only one or two of your “friends” “like” what you said…it’s PROBABLY not funny enough for tens of thousands to look at on lamebook. i mean…seriously! who vets this shit?

  3. Brandon fails. Just like this post.

  4. ‘tens of thousands’, footlongworm?

  5. ^ Yep. 66,731 likes on Facebook as of right… NOW!

  6. hootie the blowfish

    Only 66,000 likes on Facebook only reinforces the idea that there’s no way “tens of thousands” of people will see this individual post.

  7. Well, yes, I suppose the fans have to (1) see the link and (2) click on it, and we all know how lazy the kids of today are… *waves walking stick*

  8. ^get off the ‘grass’.

  9. Fuck you Courtney. Did you bother to call 911? Did you help her? You say you’re a paramedic yet you don’t seem to have done anything to help this poor old woman.

    Your post says alot more about you than it does Walmart.

  10. ^hey, hey, calm it down.
    she was off-duty.

  11. …..and that is where Walmart greeters come from.

  12. @5 Bacchante: I caught what MsAnne was questioning in regards to “tens of thousands”. Footlooseworm was saying that about lamebook, not facebook. He probably should have said, “it’s PROBABLY not funny enough for DOZENS to look at on lamebook.”

    Now I get a gold star and can feel good about myself for at least one whole hour for my burn on lamebook.

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