Thursday, August 30, 2012

Real Winners

If you HAD to pick one of these guys to take your daughter on a date, who would you pick?

DeAngelo or Scott? Why?

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  1. Probably DeAngelo, he looks like a gentleman.

  2. I choose both!!! and then do the world a favor and shoot them when they walked up to my door. I live in TX I dont need a reason. ewwww

  3. Why not both? I judge them both as harmless virgins, so at worst the daughter I don’t have would have a great laugh observing and listening.

  4. Fuck them both.

    But I thought “cuz i trench so much poon” – that’s very creative. Maybe Scott, then. But my daughters would never date either of those douchebags.

  5. I dunno guys, Scott does run a “landscapend” business. Sounds like a provider.

  6. Poonscaping pays really well these days.

  7. At least we know DeAngelo won’t be reproducing… considering the fact that he inhales pussy, therefor leaving the woman impossible to impregnate. Science!

  8. Why would you cover the last name and school of the DeAngelo dude, Lamebook? Not many people on facebook stupid enough to have a name like that.. Anyhow, I took a stroll down to look at all the other Deangelo Evans out there too, as I was already snooping.. And let me tell you, that is really the name of a bunch of winners! haha

  9. DeAngelo saved my daughters vagina once. He inhaled it right before Scott dozed over it. Hell, I’d give DeAngelo my blessing to marry my daughter.

  10. DeAngelo, because we already have enough Scotts in my family.

  11. DeAngelo, because thanks to Lamebook’s epic name-blurring fail it took me approximately two seconds to locate him.

  12. I believe DeAngelo Pussyinhaler is the mystery guest speaker at the republican convention tonight.

  13. My daughter would terminate them both.

  14. DeAngelo, because (a) he went to high school; and (b) I as of yet have no proof that he is semi-literate whereas Scott has no qualms about flaunting his lack of interest in book larnin’ to the world.

  15. @11 How exciting! Now what?

  16. ^ Are you kidding?? Two burns on lamebook in two adjoining posts! That’s gotta be a goddamn record!

  17. ^ For you, maybe.

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