Thursday, August 30, 2012


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  1. Hitler would argue.

  2. S(o) M(any) H(ermaphrodites).

  3. I used to think it meant Smack Me Hard.

  4. Save My Hamster.

  5. how is that even antisemitic?
    slaughter more hebrews – would have been antisemitic.

    also:- Free Palestine, you hook-nosed war-mongering cunts.

  6. Sydney Morning Herald.


  7. Hey, anne-t-semitic, I’m a Jew, I’m not especially pro-Israel but since you used the word ‘hook nose’ you’ve exposed yourself for the discriminate piece of shit that you are. I hope you get cancer, cunt.

  8. ^fucking hell. just get rhinoplasty if your nose is that fucking bad. geez.
    also – you guys betrayed jebus. your move, deicide.

  9. It’s funny, liberal douchettes like you hate on Kykes and Nigs, but you suck the cock of Arabs and pander to the Palestinians, the very people who would happily rape and kill your white ass and *WILL* set up an Islamic style authoritariat the moment they get independence. Still though, if you want a world where women can’t show their faces and men can beat them shitless for kicks, you carry on sucking that Arab dick. Fool.

  10. ^got any more anti-arab stereotypes you want to throw in there, christ-killer?

  11. Yeah; Yasser Arafat had a small dick, gang rape is prevalent in Riyadh and in about 3 weeks time both Iran and Israel won’t exist any more. I don’t mean to be so sharp, but seriously, you’ve got to understand the types of people you’re supporting.

  12. Also; There is not a single democracy on the Arab peninsula apart from, shockhorror, Israel. There isn’t a single Arab country with a female on the banknotes, it’s a veritable circumsized cockfest.

  13. MsAnne you hardly seem the type to subscribe to the whole religion thing.. I’m quite surprised. You’re normally more logical. If your accusations are true, shouldn’t you watch what you say about minority group that has the power to kill god? That doesn’t sound like someone I’d wanna fuck with. Dan isn’t wrong either. .. given half a chance the Muslim Arabs would blow you and your Christ back to the abyss… no virgins for you!!

  14. I don’t give a fuck about religion whatsoever, dryheat. just amusing myself by poking sticks at dannyboy because he seems to think he knows things.
    even if it’s just gibberish and nonsense that he’s picked up from watching too much fox news.
    pretty much everything he thinks he ‘knows’ can be countered by calm logic and actual facts, but fuck that shit – this is lamebook.

    remember that jews started ww2 – by financing both the nazis AND the UK.

  15. @7 DanR: Big chuckles on “you’ve exposed yourself for the discriminate piece of shit that you are.”

    Where have YOU been, dude?? Just now you caught onto that??

  16. yeah! and here I thought I was indiscriminate.

  17. Why did I have to sleep last night?

  18. I could have sworn it meant ‘scratching my hemorrhoids’

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