Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What the Folks

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  1. That live nudes nightlight will go great with her my first strippers pole and her barbie crackhouse.

  2. Just as long as he doesn’t hang the sign on the outside of the kids room,everything’s cool- I got to admit I wish I had one of those signs growing up…

  3. lol wut @ the last one

  4. Is that a newborn in #3?

  5. Yeah, that kid in 3 looks like it’s barely a week old. A little too young for toss the baby jokes.

  6. Amanda is yet another example of “why the fuck are we allowing her to procreate”.

  7. Whatever happened to defective’s Porno Birthday? Was thinking of starting me own feature called… The Hobo Mentions A Film What He Is Watching That Is Alright, Cos He Can’t Think Of A Funny Comment And Wants To Distract People From That Fact.

    This Is England.

    End feature. See you next week an’ that.

  8. This is England is an excellent film.

  9. Okay Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. Real original.

  10. Whoever posted Amanda’s status has a legal obligation to contact Child Protective Services.


  11. Amanda needs a good cunt beating!
    and i don’t mean in the good way

  12. also: I don’t like Olly’s moms pussy either.

  13. Amanda probably wouldn’t even notice if Child Protection took her kid.

  14. somewhere deep down in my heart, I’m hoping against hope that Amanda is joking. *shudder*

  15. @junebug: …or that she’s just being sarcastic.
    But then, she would be smart, and thus probably NOT pregnant at an age that she still stays with her parents and they have a say on what she does.

    Olly’s status is.. well… *leaves the room screaming*

  16. I bet ‘Olly’ is Olly Murs.

  17. I was going to mention Big Daddy, but itsyounotme beat me to it. Nad Olly, good lord man, don’t look – then you don’t have to worry about Mummy’s vag appearance.

  18. *And Olly

  19. at least they aren’t playing “kick the baby”…..
    best. nightlight. ever.

  20. Are any of you able to decipher sarcasm? Amanda’s post is full of it.

  21. Oh, Amanda’s late alright.

  22. The top one is a Big Daddy Joke and the second one sounds like she’s being sarcastic…

  23. 1. Craig is one of those douchebags who gets all their jokes from movies, waits 10 years until they figure everyone’s forgotten about them, then re-releases them to the world as their own creation.
    2. Amanda best be joking. (ps: eepah – child services won’t do anything unless there’s physically a child involved. an unborn fetus is not a child – which means, drink up Amanda!)
    3. Toss the baby looks like a fun game. People need to lighten up.
    4. Under what circumstances did Olly see his mum’s hoo-ha?

  24. @someone I detected the sarcasm, but only because I hoped it was there. Remember, there are some VERY stupid people out there. The odds of her post being sarcastic is really 50/50, so it would seem these days.

  25. Amanda was probably being sarcastic. Or she’s having an abortion. A friend of mine once told me that pregnancy was seriously affecting her booze tolerance. True story.

  26. Amanda spelled everything right just about, so I’d say she’s being sarcastic.

  27. the second last one scared me until I realised it was just a joke. well I hope it was a joke.

  28. Actually, an unborn fetus is a child. Especially, if the mother is in her last week of pregnancy. That’s definitely a child. If it was someone on my news feed, I’d have called the police immediately.

  29. legally, an unborn fetus is not a child – regardless of your opinion on the matter. CPS, the police, the courts – cannot get involved legally until the child is born and there is proof of neglect or abuse.

  30. @a lil monster: *Really* good point, it reinstated my faith in humanity just a tiny bit more.

  31. OK the live nudes as nightlight thing was from an Adam Sandler movie, not something *anyone* should aspire to duplicate…and um celebrating your pregnancy by getting wasted? What’s the number for Child Protective Services?

  32. It’s been a long time since I last watched Law and Order, but I’m pretty sure the guys who killed pregnant women were put away for double murder…

  33. Testing..

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