Tuesday, September 7, 2010


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  1. Charlie Incognito

    …more pics of dicks… As a theme it gets a pretty high rotation around these parts…

  2. nob jokes – brilliant

  3. Thanks Jesus and tell your dad thanks for the planet and all that and also good work for sending us Fargis to play with.

  4. That carrot woman has a penis.

  5. I’m getting a bit tired of these “large animal with erect penis” pictures. It was funny the first time. The next 500, I just call that… beating a dead horse with an erect penis.

  6. what’s so funny about those? this is sooo childish humour oh look a dick phahhahah :/ now don’t get me wrong but i feel like watching some scary movie like american humour- a dick, a fart and some vomit making everyone laugh.

  7. Let me ask you this… which do you prefer, the thunder thigh leg, the barbie leg, the penis, or the ass?

    Ok, and what if you were a starving rabbit? That changes things a bit, huh? It’s all about perspective.

  8. Ahhh i see a connection here…

    pic one represents how black guys roll, big and don’t mind whipping it out!

    pic two represents the Asian community, small but Asian girls don’t mind they are used to small and healthy things.

    pic three… the white guys, somewhere in the middle and they think they are big, but no jesus made you thick.

  9. Haven’t we had the pancake one on here like 392 times?

  10. Douche, I think we’re fast running out of pictures of things looking like penises/animals with massive cocks. All we need now is a llama with a hard-on and I think we’ll have the complete collection.

    Think PhallicBook’s fast becoming a suitable name for the website as a whole…

    come on lamedick…can’t you get up the humor anymore?

  12. Lame. No pictures of the Phallological Museum here.


    Also dicks

  13. This site almost has as much dicks as chatroulette.

  14. Chris made me chuckle

  15. WWJD? Make cock pancakes apparently.

  16. HAHAHAHA they added my carrot pic! lol they cut out the “neat” dialogue of my grandmother commenting on it tho..that was awkward to say the least!

  17. Who knew Jesus was so dirty-minded?

  18. So if that carrot got 2nd place, what HELL got 1st place?

  19. Lol

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