Friday, March 26, 2010

Over the Top

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  1. Oh and yeah I agree with whoever said Kate O was FB raped… I would HOPE so or that chick’s got some issues.

  2. My mom is alright, not hot by any means, but I still want to crawl back into the womb. Penis first.

  3. Ok, a few people have said to talk to Blizzard – who is that? Is Wow actually like some kind of Oz (with the wizard and camp-ness)?

    I wonder if Kate O gets turned on when her mum kisses her… =S

  4. @ Soup: You never cease to amaze me. Some how you make me laugh at things I didn’t think could be funny.

  5. Brandon needs to get out more… actually, i take that back, stay on WOW.

  6. What on earth does kluhmideeuh mean??

  7. Kluhmideeuh = Chlamydia, spelled very wrong. =)

  8. Regarding all the comments towards Brandon and WoW, you have to realize that while it IS a video game, it’s a video game that a lot of people have invested a lot of money and time in. After playing for 5 years, he’d have paid $900 just to play the game.

    Sure, you may not agree that it’s a good way to spend $900, but he had $900 and a lot of time “deleted”. How would you feel if someone broke into your house and stole $900 worth of your stuff. It’s the same thing.

    He is obviously taking it a little too far, but the fact remains that someone “deleted” something that he has invested $900 in, whether you think it’s a good investment or not.

  9. hahahaha this is Kate O and obvioulsy my facebook was raped..
    hahaha iff only the last comment was on lamebook. Kate S definitely proved how dumb she actually is hahahahaha.

    and wtf? seriously who would write on facebook beings erious about thinking there mum is hot? haha and who would actually even think that? wierdoooooos.

  10. @44 Soup
    Wow (aka whoa and not the zombie sucking game), I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give up 🙂

    @54 HeSaidWhat
    I was gonna say the same.

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