Monday, September 21, 2009

Try Agen


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  1. I wonder how many times she had to try posting this sentiment before she finally got it right?

  2. Is agen getting older? If so, most of us are okay then…

  3. Oh…boy.

  4. How could she do that to Aaliyah?! (RIP)

  5. Well she is a blonde so she has got an excuse

  6. Headline news, people on internet spell poorly, film at 11

  7. Wonkavision, I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, I love you. For your comment, and name.

  8. Try again.

  9. @ Aaron Poehler


  10. Smack my bitch up!

  11. wonka, what are you talking about?

  12. Her pic looks like shes sucking a big dick

  13. Jeffrey – I took that picture from my point of view. 😀

  14. I had a budgie who used to succeed all the time.

    Ba-DOOM tsh.

  15. I guess she means high school.

  16. Can you seriously not spell again? Jesus.

  17. y o ‘ c y o a d a i .

  18. aaliyah is rolling over in her grave!

  19. “I had a budgie who used to succeed all the time.”
    I’ll bet it had better spelling that this idiot too.
    People need to realise that spelling like this because you think it makes you look “cool” belongs on Bebo.

  20. @jelly

    I’m ashamed to admit that I used to have a bebo account. I’m better now.

  21. @Boz

    Me too but only for spying purposes.

  22. To both of the losers above: HOLY SHIT! 3:58 and 4:15 A.M.! You two really are sad… same person?

  23. @ sixkiller – could be people in different time zones

  24. Ernie’s right. You’re way behind us Sixkiller 😉

  25. @ Waffley – Woman, and thank you. The feeling’s mutual.

    @ Eh? – I could come up with something witty here but I think I’ll be respectul to Aaliyah, considering. She was a singer that died way before her time, and the quote above, although a common cliche, is in the lyrics to one of her songs.

  26. RIP Left Eye… you were taken from us far too soon!

  27. Urggghhh! Her spelling made me throw up a little in my mouth.

  28. Her inability to quote Aaliyah correctly makes me throw up a little into Matt’s mouth.

  29. massive fail

  30. @Boz
    It’s OK. I feel comfortable enough around you to admit I still have Bebo.
    Why you may ask?
    Simply to make myself feel better about my intelligence on a rough day.
    Never fails me.

  31. Agen is the new crystal meth

  32. @Ben I am loving your style…good work my man.

  33. Maybe you should try going to English class again? 🙂

  34. The Scarlet Pimple

    Maybe you should kill yourself and let your parents try agen.

  35. I concur.

  36. It seems like Chelsea needs to pick herself back up off of the bar floor and try to learn spelling again.

    Captain Obvious.

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