Monday, September 21, 2009

We Will Have the Last Laugh


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  1. uhm…
    I dunno what to make of this.
    Are we at an age where humans are too intellectually challenged up to a point where they communicate using sign language at a repetitive level?

  2. fucker totally got the last heart

  3. What the fuck is this shit…?

  4. fools.

  5. She’s a woman, she’s more or less expected to do this kind of stuff… but this guy! and he actually GOT the last heart!

    I pity da fool…

  6. fankou, you are an idiot.

  7. WikidJuggaloPanda

    Don’t find it to be lame provided these two are under eighteen years of age. I’m only nineteen so I remember how stupid shit like this got me brownie points with the girl, and brownie points always meant ass. Not the high school slut everyone has been in, but the good girl ass, those who know what I am talkin’ ’bout are nodding their heads while reading this. 🙂

  8. mmmm sweet teen ass … with glasses … holding her maths text book … in a tiny skirt & pig tails in her hair …

  9. Such an impressive goal to aim for…

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