Monday, September 21, 2009

Souper Friend

Souper Friend

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  1. I once knew a girl named Autumn… she was three times the girl September is!

    Lame joke? Thanks.

  2. WTF Brandy?

  3. I lost my leg in the great war. Enjoy your soup, sorry you’re sick.

  4. pity.

  5. 1UP MASTER!!!

  6. At least Brandy posts something that’s interesting. WTF wants to know about a soup bringer??

  7. lol @ STC

  8. I find this neither lame or funny. Just… odd.

  9. I don’t understand.

  10. I’m guessing Brandy thought it was a competition to see whose life was better, September with the nice work friend or Brandy who is free while her brother must’ve done some pretty bad shit to get sent to prison for that long.

  11. I’m sorry Brandy. TWO of my brothers went to jail for TEN years.

    Though five years… that’s prison hon, not jail.

  12. wow lol maybe September is sick because of Brandy’s bro? …and that’s why he’s in jail..?


  13. Wow Brandy, that seems rather uncalled for. Why don’t you start your OWN status message if you want to get onto lamebook? No need to hijack someone elses!

  14. How can someone compare their pedestrian daily woes to the OMG-WAAYMore-importantYOUGUYZZZ personal tragedy of BRANDY? Why waste our simpathy with a little sick girl, when this martyr, this heroine, remains facing this SERIOUS PROBLEM? Can’t you see it’s all about BRANDY? Where’s BRANDY’s soup?

  15. And why would you want the facebook world to know that your brother did something that bad ?

    wonder what kind of soup it was?!

  16. I guess Brandy’s brother’s in the soup…

  17. minestrone

  18. I guess Brandy WOULD HAVE brought soup to September, if her brother didn’t JUST get sent to jail. See? She’s an AMAZING friend also… not just the work friend.

  19. Hey Brandy–if you’re looking for attention, a spectacular, blood-soaked public suicide works much better than a Facebook posting. Just FYI.

  20. How odd.

  21. There’s always someone who’s determined that his miseries are worse than yours. When you find one of these people, it is your responsibility to make shit up just to flush them out.

    “So yeah. I just got shot in the head by a cat. How crazy is that?”

    “That’s nothing! Last night, a crocodile ate my brain.”

  22. That was just random.

  23. I’m guessing her brother really liked soup and that status reminded her of him. Because when my brother was in prison for six years, he said the worst part was not having soup.

  24. reeedins fer suxers

    Way to go, Kanye.

  25. Soup good. Prison bad?
    I’ve been following September’s ongoing ‘Soup Diaries’. The roast parsnip episode was spectatcular.

  26. Uh, thanks for that bit of info Brandy…and it’s relevant how?

  27. maybe September is sick with some sexually transmitted disease Brandys brother gave her ??

    otherwise…. I don’t know. I CANT BRAIN IT


  28. Captain Bucky O'Hare

    I think we’re all missing the important issue here, i.e. someone actually named their kid September.

  29. Oh.. wake me up when September ends..

  30. This reminds me of

  31. Perhaps she mistook office mate for inmate, and thought September was in jail? That’s all I can come up with.

  32. lol@ #24


  34. LOL @ #24.

    Think mcowles #18 is what Brandy really wanted to say.

  35. Hahah wow, what a sourpuss. How was that relevant to the status update at all?

  36. Yer Ma…hilarious.

  37. Brandy = looking for attention.

  38. “I’m sorry. I lost my left breast to cancer.”

    These are getting stupidly old.

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