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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    How did the blind guy know if she is hot?

  2. Yeah, Jenna, because I’m sure that guy has never heard the expression “seeing someone” before.

    Also…ben? Sigh. I’ve reached a new low.

  3. Ah, damn.

  4. Dukey, there are a couple of ways that I’ve heard of. Ray Charles used to feel women’s wrists. I guess he could at least tell if they were fat or thin that way (also, creepy!). The blind guy from Covert Affairs listens to how other guys talk to her. If they flirt, then she’s hot. His seems a better system than the wrist thing, but what do I know?

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What if most of the guys around have low standards? Or are chubby chasers?

  6. It seems like Lamebook have closed off the comments on the ‘As My Junk’ post after two positive comments. Were they afraid someone might criticise it? I can’t see why someone would, I mean, people putting their crotches nex to things tha are vaguely shaped like penises is a joke that could EVER get old! Not in a million years.

    You guys could be the next Mark Suckerburg.
    That’s not a high school insult by the way, my ‘first-letter-of-Mark-Suckerberg’s-last-name’ key isn’t working, so I’ve replaced it with the S. Also he sucks. What a cunt.

  7. She most likely sounded hot, Dukey. You know when you hear someone’s voice on the phone and they sound great, so you assume they must be hot? But most of the time, the face rarely matches the voice. Someone can purr like a kitty cat, but look like a dog.

    As for asking other people what she looks like, well that’s a gamble, too. Like you said, they might have low standards, or different opinions of what’s hot. Unless she looks like Angelina Jolie, he couldn’t rely on that.

    I do wonder, though, what standards a blind man would actually have. If he’s been blind all his life, he wouldn’t know what hot was. But he’d know what fat was. One touch.

  8. Would a fatty be hot then? Boney looks great, but I suspect if you are only going on touch, and never had sight, then you might find soft and cushiony more attractive…

  9. Yeah, surely if you were a blind guy (with a good imagination) you’d be pumping anyone that was into it (or not into it, according to taste).

  10. Hobo, someone on another thread put forward the idea the commenter Matty works for LB. He made the second comment on that post, and then it was closed. I think they might be right.

    Shegsy, I’m not touching that one.

  11. I love Tyler !!

    Packers is going to win the Superbowl.

  12. To make the top one better: one of my friends sent a link to it to a blind man.

  13. Why do people, and by people I’m indicating most people that comment on lamebook, have to find something wrong with everything? Most of you dislike some of these posts because it seems ‘lame’ but why not just take it at face value, either find it funny or not, and leave at that.

  14. But they aren’t funny. Imagine how boring the comments would be if we only posted when things were funny?

    There wouldn’t be any comments at all.

  15. In that case,I’d suggest a two-pronged approach, using both the how-other-guys-talk-to-her and the wrist systems. That way you can weed out the chubbies. Still doesn’t help with the guys who have generally low standards, but you just hope for the best. Hey, when you’re blind, you just have to see life as an adventure.

  16. Are there really 60 guys on an american football team? can no one multi task?
    and im guessing a blind man will take what he can get. i wonder if he still gets beer goggles when drunk…

  17. I once had a similar experience to Jenna, it was mortifyingly embarrassing.

    A blind girl I’d taken out for lunch asked me if I wanted to get more intimate and I made the horrible social faux pas of replying ‘fuck off you eye retard.’… awkward.

  18. What do you call 60 sitting at home watching the Pro Bowl?


  19. take 2:

    What do you call 60 guys sitting at home watching the Pro Bowl?


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