Monday, October 1, 2012

That What Game???

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  2. Mom was daydreaming…

  3. Two guys in a ring fisting each other? Reminds me of Lamebook!

  4. No honey, you can’t play that horrible game. Mike Tyson is a vicious rapist.
    Why is this violent and patriarchal bullshit even in our fucking house?

  5. I asked the same thing when you stumbled in last night, pissed drunk, game in hand…and I brought all them drugs over fer nuffin’! You just passed out face first in your water dish!

  6. that was fucking terrible capn. you’re punching well above your weight.
    if you want to have a turn insulting with the heavyweights, I suggest you get someone to help you string a sentence together.
    maybe your parole officer, surely they’d be the closest thing you have to a stable father figure in your life?

    capnjoke – float like a bumblebee, sting like a butterfly.

  7. Thuthukile Urania Mkhize

    I wanna play blowing: you know with eachothers balloons

  8. Punching above your weight is used to describe a fighter who hits harder then people in his weight class. Someone who usually gets an inordinate amount of ko ‘s. Soooooo …?

  9. Ms. I’ve eaten exactly three butterflies in my life. I’d say that’s pretty badass, even more so than the flying cat that failed to take them out. Are you implying that me implying you were a pussy was an insult? I just took it as fact, and was offering up some friendly chatter, and maybe some tuna…but you’re being sour today…so…go string some sentences together with that Abl fella. I’m sure you two will have a blast!

  10. ^nope. not a fucking clue.
    can we get a translator in here?

  11. You’re not gonna drive home, are you? You want a clue? We didn’t hear the cook scream… because Mrs. Peacock was screaming about the poisoned brandy!

  12. New Zealand told Tyson to stay the fuck out of their country.

    NZ is the land of dreams.

  13. That’s because Tysons chicken is fucking bad for you.

  14. no. the prime minister pretty much thinks he is a rapist and a thug.

  15. Wait….the prime minister, a puppet of the government said this?

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