Friday, September 28, 2012

Wins for the Weekend Part 2


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    is a weeny

  2. I win

  3. There’s people who actually think the pirate language is funny enough to use every day?

  4. What the hell is all the racket about, Lucy? Cap’n…Lucy? GTFO…NOW…You foul smelling wench, before I throw you below deck with all the others!

  5. I am sick of these Hitler jokes, Anne Frankly I think they need to stop before they create a furher.


  7. That’s fine Lucy because I hate you too, simply because you are dumbass enough to not realize that ‘Pirate-speak’ was a blip on the Facebook radar about three years ago.

  8. Tofu who the fuck are you to tell people how to use facebook? Go choke on a huge penis sir.

  9. ^have you not realised that this is the place where ppl come to bag out facebook users?? How dense are you? How much taller are you than all the other kiddies in your class? Are you the same age as your teacher?

  10. I have realised that you are a fucking moron than cannot string a coherent sentence together.

  11. ^Blaming others for your own lack of comprehension?

    How bogan of you.

  12. Abl, take your fucking coherency back to AA, where it belongs!

  13. Hold on a second there, Capn. Does AA stand for Alcoholics Anonymous, or American Airlines?

  14. Atrocious Assholes.

  15. With a name like his I can see how you might be confused…I’m going to have to cut my answer short though…Someone might accuse me racism and profiling and all that political garbage…and with elections coming up and all, I don’t need the bad press….besides…I like your question, and don’t want to spoil it.

  16. Allah Akbar!!!!

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