Monday, December 14, 2009

Mission: Unaccomplished


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  1. SeeBea, Psycho Ed, Father Sha, Kaoss. It is 2am where I am and im still in fits of laughter thanks to your onslaught to the troll whom is apparently not trolling anymore. You guys (+Svetlana and few others that aren’t on this thread yet) make Lamebook! SALUTE!

  2. caffeinatedaspirin

    I thought Lorne was the troll, but I have been proved wrong.

    I was so very wrong.

  3. nothing is ‘working’

    I think you’re confusing me with someone who gives a crap.

  4. @ SeeBea.. Lorne certainly does make it less tedious..

  5. @Loren852
    So in you are a troll and a big fat liar.
    You are pathological.

  6. BTW…It Soylent Green day

  7. shuttup caffeinated…. 😛
    I am just talking shit…. serve them/him/her/it right for even bothering to pay attention

  8. @ Insane.. I salute you my brother/sister… And aslong as the trolls keep coming the slaughter will continue…

  9. Indeed

  10. amen to that

  11. caffeinatedaspirin

    to all the trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls, have a wonderful day. I’ll be in the kitchen(where women belong), wearing my apron, making Christmas cookies.

    @Kaoss, I’d put more emphasis on SeeBea being the biggest troll, but you’re all just having fun, nothing wrong with that.

  12. Okay, Loren 852 I give you win.

    This is SeeBea…on the bounce. And in the words of the immortal Retarded Policeman, Byeeeeeeee

  13. lol

  14. @Psycho Ed: Thank you. I am your brother, and I shall continue to serve this site along side you and the other greats as a warrior against the trolls and the spammers. With this, I bid you farewell and the best of luck the enemy!

  15. And then there were none..

  16. SeeBea and Kaoss I had a lapse in my STM. Sigh damn sleep being needed! I extend the above comment to you as well.

  17. this is serious question
    is seebea a teenager.

  18. I think seebea=lorne852=svetlana. My guess is 50ish Jewish male, divorced, upper east side, Ben Shahn drawings on the wall, Brandeis University, socialist summer camps . . .
    very creative and entertaining!

  19. Can somebody point me in the direction of Flaxo comments? Sounds fun!

  20. i guess they deleted his comments , they started a few weeks back on a thread about strippers if my brian does not let me down …

  21. @That_is_all: Spelling is subjective.

  22. Yes! comment #133 (something changed)was let through. Whoop Whoop!

  23. Phew
    That was epic
    What can I possibly add but, “Take advantage of me while I’m all spinny-like”

  24. In the way you helped out in cheated and defeated? Headspins, natures free and original date rape drug!

  25. Prince Mishkin
    it kinda begins here, but continues on many posts.

    the word f-l-e-x-o is now a moderated word, so be careful how you use it!

  26. Fantastic! Thank you guys for a wonderful comments section, there was a lot of laughing my arse off etc. I particularly enjoyed the bit where Lorne suddenly got serious, pretended to have been misspelling as a joke bit still continually cocked up her words. Hahahahahahaaha, brilliant.

  27. @ Princmishkin.. I kinda have to correct you ther dude.. Svetlana and the SeeBea aren’t the same person.. And to bring Lorne852 into the equation is well and insult.. That kid is a troll.. But yet.. Just thought i would correct u on that 1..

  28. Yeah I know — it was an extremely lame attempt on my part to stir things up. I get so sad when these things start to taper off . . .

  29. @Prince Mishkin: find Lorne852. Shim is too easy to stir up.

  30. @Insane, SeeBea, Kaoss and Psycho Ed – Thank you very much for coming to my defense in my absence. I have to agree with some points – Lorne852 is indeed a little troll. And yes, we did fall into the trolling trap ourselves. May this be a lesson to us all! But well done boys, I still applaud you guys for it!

    @Prince Mishkin – You are seriously insulting my intelligence. I am actually a 22 year old woman, and my alter ego’s name is Svetlana. My real name is actually Nadia, and I am from South Africa. I just happen to play my character really well (yes, even in real life, as I also happen to use Svetlana as my stage name.) So much so, that I have a russian accent, and even speak (some) Russian to make it all the more convincing. When I am not on stage, I work for a mortuary, where, post-mortems complete, I stitch up the bodies, do the make up, and make the dead look presentable. I enjoy reading, writing, sketching & painting. I am a bit of a chubby, but, I think beautiful woman, but that doesn’t stop me from getting in the public eye. As you see me on these threads, is how I am in real life. And my personality makes me who I am.

    @caffeinatedaspirin – Are you another lover of underdogs? If so, please teach them to spell, instead of fanning the fire and teaching them that it’s okay to heed a battle of wits with no wit!

    This is Svetlana

    That’s who?

  31. Where would the fun be if we didn’t have a troll to ‘take down’ every once in a while. I applaud Lorne for sticking to shim’s guns for so long.

  32. @Prince Mishkin: In the spirit of The dear and fetching Svetlana.
    I am not Jewish, not in my 50’s, not divorced, had never heard of Ben Shahn, and I am not a Socialist and not been to a camp in about 30 years. I am on the Upper East side of my metro area however.

    This is SeeBea

  33. @Insane:
    Amen brother

    this is SeeBea

  34. @17 HAHA, The movie Memento is exactly what I thought when I saw this too.

  35. What about the people who get Japanese or Chinese or whatever it is they get, those symbols tattooed? Not saying I would admire those tats, but no one else can really read those either, right?

    I would personally have it backwards than some random language…….

  36. Way too many comments. His reason for doing it makes sense, it’s fine and not lamebook worthy. Hard to read for some, but he knows what it says, no one needs to read it.


  38. OMG Jezzy….That’s awesome! I can totally see it now…lol

  39. Squint your eyes just right, and you can almost believe it says, “I’m with Stupid”

  40. Wow, 288 comments.

    I will not fail means that when people see you, it reads like this:

    “liaf ton lliw I”

    They’ll just think he’s an immigrant from Nepal or Pakistan

  41. Weeeell, it’s lame, that’s for sure .. But it could be worse.. Hell, it could have said “Thug Life” 😛

  42. “yvaN ehT nioJ”

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