Friday, September 28, 2012

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. Back in my prison days, we had a term for the times when we awkwardly stumbled in on two guy spooning…they always said they were just laying there listening to the radio…but there’s a pretty good chance they were actually noodling instead!

  2. Since when is a boner awkward?

  3. Depending on your level of confidence…I imagine some of the young bucks around here might feel a little awkward when one pops up at the end of class when the bell rings and they have to stand up and walk all the way across campus…but, I mean, it’s all a matter of whether or not they care, right? I mean, it’s not like anyone’s going to say anything about it?

  4. seriously beatus? are you throwing out a welcome mat to pedo jokes?

  5. Awkward in a physical sense you dumbfuck. I’m sure you’ve at least spooned with one girl, even if she was a fat cow. Use your head.

  6. physical sense? as in – when you choke on another one, heifer?

  7. Ok

  8. I think MsAnneThorpe needs a good spooning and I would be willing to rise to that challenge.

  9. Jim Thorpe’s going to kill you if you touch his wife.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA spooning is true.. IS TRUE YOU BASTARDS

  11. Since when does regurgitating four-day-old picture memes as facebook text updates constitute “win”? C’mon, Lamebook. It wasn’t THAT slow a week.

  12. The dog chasing its tail one has been posted and reposted on fb countless times.

    I’ve concluded that this site exists solely to troll the six regular commenters.

    Go Hawks!

  13. you might be onto something murder.. bad luck on the hawks, at least they put in a stirling effort

  14. no they didn’t. they played a fucking game.
    don’t confuse grown-up men running around playing kick-to-kick in the mud as a real fucking thing, you easily amused, easily confused, brain-dead, consumer fuckhead.

  15. Oh my God. I’ve seen that spooning one on at lease 8 different pictures/statuses. It’s not funny anymore.

  16. Thus spoke MsAnneThrope

    Not much of an insult though. Yes I work, yes I pay for things, yes I enjoy the things I pay for. You might want to find a better rock. Particularly if you don’t live in a commune, grow your own food, make your own clothes, etc.

  17. ^…easily confused…

  18. of course I am.. I’m a bloke
    You could lure me into the back of a strange van with a sign that said ‘free sex, food, beer, live music or sports inside’

    hey, you know it’s funny but I can’t help but imagine anything you post being spoken by Alice in wonderlands Queen of hearts (mainly the new Helena Bonham-Carter version, but occasionally the original cartoon one)

  19. If I was a bloke like you, I’d be ashamed and annoyed that I had to share a gender with you.
    In a perfect world, you’d be deemed too stupid to be allowed to possess functioning genitalia.

  20. ‘if’??

  21. yeah, as far as men go, you’re a pretty big vagina.

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