Friday, September 28, 2012

‘Til Death Do Us Part

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  1. I fucked your little sister.


  3. Aw! These are kinda sweet 🙂

  4. That’s a pretty trashy bride.

  5. That wasn’t my little sister. My little brother suffered from mixed gonadal dysgenesis.

  6. Yeah, nothing creepy about that at all. I bet he was thinking about stuffing her ravaged corpse into that barrel of a trash can afterwards too…and I don’t wanna hear any shit about her not being able to fit…trust me, if you want to fit a body in a large trash can, it’ll fucking fit! Just imagine it more as a morbid game of tetris and you’ll be fine!

  7. chainsaw.

  8. The guy in the bottom picture kind of looks like Michael Cera to me.

  9. a chipper would do a good job too

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  11. @Dukey, maybe she pregnant. That would explain her having to drag her groom to the alter. It still wouldn’t explain her shoes.

  12. *she’s

  13. I hope CPS take the kid then. clearly she’s unfit to be a mother with her reckless disregard for her unborn child.
    not only is the fat frump risking miscarriage by excessive physical strain, she’s clearly risking emotional trauma by attempting to forcibly co-habit with the unwilling.

  14. Not only is she fat, but it looks like her right leg is shorter than her left one.

  15. Im the guy in the top post. We have a fucked up sense of humor lol

  16. I also thought the bride dragging the groom was chunky. The arms give it away

  17. the bride being garotted like a pathetic victim is also a giant fat cow, you chubby-chasing freak.
    did you get sick of being her ‘feeder’?

  18. I did, she just kept eating! Judging by your profile on here you seem pretty emo. So any other comment you make I deem garbage 🙂

  19. emo now is it?!
    meh. I’ve been called worse.
    should i tell some poetry at you? or should i just fucking cut you?

    am i doing emo right? o_0

  20. I cut myself everyday just to fit in! Sometimes i masterbate with barbed wire wrapped around my hand

  21. Maybe you should try masturbating, instead. You master may not like being bated.

  22. does she let you go ass-to-mouth after being fisted with that?

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