Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Millennial Predicament

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  1. Why is this even on Lamebook? It’s neither funny, corny nor lame. Fuck, it’s more intelligent than anything the orange monkey currently residing in the White House has said in the last 8 months…

  2. It is lame by the common definition, certainly not funny. And this little suck is studying the night before an exam and starting a paper the day before it’s due. No dude, you aren’t over-worked you are just a friggin procrastinator. I am too but I don’t bitch about my workload.

  3. The Beast Among Us

    Wait until you get out into the real world of work and find that everyone wants everything done immediately every day, night, and weekend, and then everyone wonders why you have no time for them.

  4. If you pay attention during class, you never have to spend the night before studying…

  5. Whaaaaaaaa I can afford college whaaaaaaaa … Please.

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